Worf vs Sulu Sһouldn’t Be One of Stаr Trek’s Coolest Fiɡһts – & Yet It Absolutely Is

Worf and Sulu never met on-screen, but in Star Trek: The Last Generation, they had one of Star Trek’s best fights ever.

Sulu fencing in Star Trek: TOS.


  • Worf and Sulu’s bitter rivalry in Star Trek: The Last Generation results in an intense and epic fight between the two iconic characters.
  • In this alternate timeline, Worf is a cruel tyrant ruling over Earth and Sulu leads a rebellion against him, earning the codename “the Silver Ghost.”
  • Worf underestimates Sulu, leading to his own demise, but not before he kills Sulu in their final battle, ending their long-simmering rivalry.

Worf versus Sulu should not be one of the Star Trek franchise’s coolest fights–but it absolutely is. Almost 100 years stand between Worf and Sulu in the Prime timeline, but in the alternate reality of Star Trek: The Last Generation, they are bitter enemies. In this world, Worf is a cruel tyrant, ruling over the Earth, and Sulu stands against him, leading to an epic fight between the two Star Trek icons.

Star Trek: The Last Generation was written by Andrew Steven Harris and drawn by Gordon Purcell. On board a shuttle craft, the final fight between Worf and Sulu has begun. Sulu, an expert in fencing, stabs Worf in his good eye, blinding him. Worf still manages, however, to impale Sulu on his bat’leth.

An alternate timeline Worf stabs an elderly Captain Sulu with a bat'leth.

Not to be outdone, Sulu sets the shuttle craft on autopilot, ramming it into one of the nacelles of Worf’s ship, destroying it and ending his bloodthirsty reign.

Sulu and Worf are Star Trek’s Most Unlikely Foes

Four panels of Sulu setting his shuttle on auto-pilot, ramming it in to an alternate timeline Worf's ship.

Star Trek: The Last Generation, published by IDW in 2008, began with the question: what if Captain Kirk had not exposed the conspiracy to sabotage peace talks with the Klingons at Khitomer? In this alternate timeline, the Klingons eventually conquer the Federation. A rebellion movement, led by Jean-Luc Picard, arose on Earth to oppose Worf’s tyrannical rule. Sulu, still alive in this timeline, was a figurehead of the rebels. With the Excelsior at his disposal, Sulu fought valiantly against Worf and the Klingons, earning him the codename “the Silver Ghost.”

The rivalry between Worf and Sulu in Star Trek: The Last Generation’s timeline was intense. Worf has always been an honorable Klingon warrior, but his variant here is as far from that mindset as one can get. Worf is bloodthirsty and sadistic, ordering a crackdown on the rebels after the death of his son. Sulu and his crew had been making fools out of the Klingons for decades, continually giving Worf the slip. This has allowed Sulu to take on a “living legend” status, which only serves to intensify the rivalry between them. Worf will not rest until Sulu is dead.

Star Trek Data Klingon Worf
Star Trek Shows How Data Could Have Restored Worf’s Family Honor

In Star Trek’s mirror universe, Data proves that while the android tried to help Worf in The Next Generation, he could have done far more.

Worf and Sulu Will Never Fight On Screen

Star Trek TNG Worf

And now this intense rivalry has spilled over into one of the most intense, and coolest, fights in Star Trek’s history. Worf has waited years to confront Sulu, and he fights with a passion and intensity worthy of a Klingon. Worf, in his arrogance, underestimated Sulu. Seeing Sulu as an “inferior” human, Worf let his guard down, which led to his demise. With his dying breath, Worf kills Sulu as well. Their fight was epic, bringing to a head a long-simmering rivalry. While Sulu fighting Worf may seem silly at first, it was in fact one of Star Trek’s best fights, albeit one that will never make it to the screen.

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