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Why Star Trek: Voyager Ended (Was It Canceled?)

After seven successful seasons, Star Trek: Voyager concluded in 2001 with the two-part episode “Endgame” but why did the popular series end?

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  • Star Trek: Voyager’s season 7 ending was pre-planned, following the tradition set by previous franchise series.
  • The show’s important characters, like Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine, continue to be relevant in recent Star Trek projects, such as Prodigy and Picard.
  • Despite the unlikelihood of season 8, Voyager’s legacy remains strong within the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek: Voyager came to an end in 2001 after seven successful seasons, but was the show canceled or did it end naturally? Continuing the Star Trek timeline as the fifth franchise series, Voyager‘s premiere episode was viewed by over 20 million people (via AV Club) in 1995. Voyager‘s subsequent 172 episodes were largely well-received for their fresh take on the Star Trek universe and unique approach to deep space exploration. The show’s near-decade on the air was an impressive feat, but many were still sad to see it go when the journey ended.

Following the exploits of the eponymous ship, Voyager followed the U.S.S. Voyager’s journey through the Delta Quadrant after being transported 70,000 lightyears. Making Star Trek history with a female captain in the form of Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), Voyager was as much about survival as it was about exploration, and its setting allowed for many new alien encounters. Offered as an alternative to the second half of Star Trek: Deep Space NineVoyager closely conformed to the original ideas of the franchise and put its emphasis on the mysteries of deep space.

The Star Trek: Voyager cast.
Star Trek: Voyager Cast & Character Guide

In its seven seasons, Star Trek: Voyager introduced many new faces to the Trek universe. Here is a breakdown of the show’s main cast and characters.

Voyager’s Season 7 Ending Continued A Star Trek Pattern

Voyager wasn’t the only Star Trek series to end after season 7

Like its predecessors, Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: The Next GenerationVoyager was given a satisfying conclusion at the end of season 7. The two-part finale “Endgame” saw an older Admiral Janeway travel through time to undo the devastating things she had to do to get her ship home, saving Voyager’s crew over ten years in the Delta Quadrant in the process. Voyager followed the finale precedent set by TNG and delivered an emotional final chapter for the characters, offering a look into the future of the franchise with its flash forward to the year 2404.

Unlike previous Star Trek series, Voyager‘s ending was not a surprise. The plan to end was already in place when producer Branon Braga left after season 6 to begin work on Star Trek: Enterprise. Kenneth Biller took over as the executive producer for Voyager‘s final season, but the plan for the series to end was there when he was promoted. By the time of Voyager‘s conclusion, TNG and DS9 had set the precedent that seven seasons was the perfect length for a Star Trek series, even though Voyager could presumably have lasted longer because of its premise.

Could Star Trek: Voyager Season 8 Ever Happen?

Voyager season 8 isn’t likely, but the cast is still relevant to the franchise

The return of Voyager itself is unlikely, but shows like Star Trek: ProdigyStar Trek: Picard, and even Star Trek: Lower Decks have shown that Voyager still plays a hugely important role in the franchise. Prodigy revealed that Janeway was promoted to Admiral, and will include bigger roles for characters like Commander Chakotay (Robert Beltran) and the Doctor (Robert Picardo) in season 2. Picard has also made Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) more relevant than ever by promoting her to Captain of the Enterprise-G, and Lower Decks included an entirely Voyager-focused episode, “Twovix” as its season 4 premiere.

The Star Trek franchise’s continued efforts to integrate Voyager into its ongoing canon make the show even stronger in retrospect. However, Voyager itself will probably never return because of the show’s limiting story constraints. If the U.S.S. Voyager was to relaunch with the old crew, it wouldn’t be quite the same if they were in the Alpha Quadrant. As it stands, Star Trek: Voyager‘s cast are better utilized in future Star Trek projects.

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