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Walking Dead Reveals Why Rick Is An “A” (& Why Jadis Lied)


  • The A and B designations in The Walking Dead are revealed to be classifications used by the CRM for selecting subjects for their reanimation-slowing drug experiments.
  • Jadis lied about Rick Grimes being a B to protect him from being used as a test subject in the CRM’s lab.
  • The fate of B-designated captives is still unknown, but it is speculated that they may be recruited as soldiers for the CRM.

The Walking Dead‘s A and B mystery surrounding the fate of Rick Grimes has been half answered. The finale of Walking Dead: World Beyond proved to be a treasure trove of long-awaited answers, including what the A designation means and why Jadis lied in labeling Rick’s classification. When Jadis and her Scavengers debuted in The Walking Dead season 7, it soon became clear the group was kidnapping other survivors and sending them off via helicopter to parts unknown. Jadis earned passage into the Civic Republic by assuring the CRM helicopter pilot that Rick was a B, despite her previous assessment.

For the remainder of The Walking Dead, the A or B designations, why the CRM makes them, or what it could mean for the fate of Rick was left a mystery. However, The Walking Dead‘s limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond directly addresses the CRM A and B labels in season 2, episode 10, “The Last Light”. Before this, Walking Dead viewers had formed various convincing theories about the meaning of the A and B classifications, many of which revolve around character traits and personality, but without firm answers. The truth, however, is far more sinister.

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Walking Dead’s A And B Designations Explained

The Meaning Behind The CRM’s Letter Labels Were Revealed In A Spin-Off

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis with a nose-bleed in Walking Dead World Beyond

The reasons why the Walking Dead A or B labels exist is subtly explained by Jadis (Polyanna McIntosh), though not in the main show. In The Walking Dead: World Beyond‘s last episode features a duel between Jadis and her former mentor, Huck. During the fight, Jadis remarks, “I had someone special. I had an “A” but I said he was a “B” so he wouldn’t end up in your mother’s lab. I owed him that much.”

The CRM’s secret science club required fresh specimens to test their prototype reanimation-slowing drug, and A-subjects were apparently reserved for this purpose.

Jadis’ comments in The Walking Dead: World Beyond are certainly referring to Rick Grimes, and her line reveals a lot about the CRM’s A and B labels, as well as what became of Rick after Andrew Lincoln’s exit in The Walking Dead season 9. Firstly, it’s clear that an A is something “special” for the CRM. Jadis confirms she intentionally downplayed Rick’s importance and would’ve been better rewarded by admitting his true value. The scene also reveals what becomes of A-grade prisoners — Project V lab experiments.

The CRM’s secret science club required fresh specimens to test their prototype reanimation-slowing drug, and A-subjects were apparently reserved for this purpose. Knowing what the CRM used A-types for, it’s possible to deduce why Rick was among them. Since CRM doctors would’ve picked up any biological traits, the criteria for an A must derive exclusively from personality. The CRM obviously wanted to test Project V on victims with certain qualities — maybe hoping a determined, tenacious personality would prove more successful in resisting reanimation.

Why Rick Is Downgraded From An A

Jadis Designating Rick As B Was A Trick

Rick from The Walking Dead wearing a CRM jacket, standing by the water and looking behind him in the air.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond scene clears up a second major question from the main show — why Rick was downgraded from A to B in his farewell episode. Some viewers speculated that Rick’s near-death state was to blame, but Jadis now confirms he was always an A, and referring to Rick as a B was merely a ploy to spare him certain death.

Rick Grimes treated Jadis with respect and accepted her into Alexandria. Even though she ultimately left the community, Jadis couldn’t bear condemning her friend to death by revealing his true status. This hints toward a glimmer of friendship still existing between the two.

Custom image of the CRM with Jadis and Daryl from The Walking Dead centered


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What Happens To The CRM’s B’s In The Walking Dead

The Fate Of The B’s Is A Lingering Question

The CRM guards look on in Fear the Walking Dead

While Walking Dead: World Beyond provides a fairly solid explanation behind the CRM’s A captives, questions remain about the Bs. Based on Jadis’ reason for lying, the fate of a B is obviously less deadly than Project V experimentation, but it’s still not clear what happens to those deemed unworthy of A status. Jadis also doesn’t address whether B subjects have their own specific criteria, or whether anyone who isn’t an A simply gets lumped into the B category.

One possibility is that B captives are recruited as soldiers because their personalities are less rebellious and stubborn. If so, trying to mold Rick Grimes into a compliant officer likely didn’t end well for the CRM, which could be why he’s being forced to surrender in The Walking Dead series finale.

Judith Grimes, Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead


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How Jadis Fits Into The Rick Grimes Series

Jadis Joins Rick And Michonne In The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

Initially, the plan was for Rick Grimes’ story to conclude with a standalone film from Universal, but instead, he’ll now get his final sendoff in a limited series that ties up both his journey and that of Michonne in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who LiveIt’s unknown what role Jadis will play in this series, if any, but she’s certainly a crucial character behind the story. Without her allyship and the lie that saved him from the CRM’s experiments, Rick probably wouldn’t be around to head up his own sendoff series in the first place.

The new The Walking Dead spinoff is confirmed to focus primarily on Rick and Michonne, but there’s room to incorporate Jadis as well, even if it’s only in the form of a mention. The Jadis Walking Dead character has become a pivotal factor in whatever dénouement the show’s creators choose to give fan-favorite Rick Grimes.

Julia Ormond as Elizabeth Kublek and CRM newspaper in Walking Dead World Beyond


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The Walking Dead’s Finale Doubled Down On The CRM’s Importance

The Civic Republic Military Still Has A Significant Role In The TWD Canon

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in Walking Dead and iPhone

The Walking Dead series finale saw the brief return of Rick Grimes in the final moments of the episode. While on a beach, a CRM helicopter, much like the one that took him, calls down via loudspeaker, forcing him to surrender. He hides some of his belongings before putting his arms up, signaling that he’s not a threat. What this means is that the Civil Republic Military is going to play a huge role in the upcoming The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live miniseries, and The Walking Dead A or B mystery will finally be solved in its entirety.

By showing the CRM helicopter in the finale, TWD proves how important the CRM will be to the overall franchise, as will the Walking Dead A or B designation. These things will surely be investigated in their entirety during Rick & Michonne, and it will explain how Rick escaped the CRM only to be recaptured by them in The Walking Dead.

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