Wаlkinɡ Deаd Brinɡs 1 Mаin Sһow Villаin’s Story Full Cirсle In Tһe Most Perfeсt Wаy

After facing consistent trauma over the course of two different series, one The Walking Dead villain has finally had his ultimate full circle moment.

Austin Amelio as Dwight in The Walking Dead


  • Episode 9 of Fear the Walking Dead brings Dwight’s story full circle as the furnace that once hurt him now saves his life.
  • Dwight’s redemption journey continues in Fear the Walking Dead, and his encounter with the furnace symbolizes his transformation.
  • Dwight and Sherry’s relationship troubles could finally be resolved in this episode, as Dwight accepts his past and becomes the hero Sherry wants him to be.

The most recent episodes of Fear the Walking Dead have really pushed the idea of resurrection and second chances, and episode 9 continued this trend by giving one former The Walking Dead villain a perfect full circle momentFear the Walking Dead is the very first spinoff series based on the hit apocalypse series, The Walking Dead. It is currently airing its eighth and final season. Though the show is coming to an end, there is no shortage of big moments or storylines coming to a satisfying close.

Fear the Walking Dead has featured a whole host of dynamic characters, some of which first appeared in The Walking Dead, and one of these characters is Dwight. Starting out in The Walking Dead season 6, Dwight acted as a high-ranking member of Negan’s Saviors. Because of this, he was villain through and through, however when his ex-wife Sherry flees the Sanctuary, he decides to turn his back on Negan and help Rick take him down. In Fear the Walking Dead, Dwight has continued on his journey of redemption, though it hasn’t always been easy. Luckily, Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 9 finally sees Dwight’s story change.

The Furnace That Burned Dwight Saves His Life In Fear The Walking Dead

Dwight’s full circle moment arrives in Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 9 when the furnace that once hurt and branded him suddenly saves his life. Back in The Walking Dead, when Dwight worked under Negan, he suffered a severe burn to the face. It occurred after Dwight disobeyed Negan, and in return, Negan pressed Dwight’s face onto a hot furnace, with the intent of branding him for life. All in all, the furnace is a dark symbol for Dwight, one which has and will affect him for the rest of his life, however in Fear the Walking Dead, the furnace’s meaning changes completely.

In Fear the Walking Dead, Dwight returns to the Sanctuary in order to atone for his sins. Negan’s old Sanctuary has fallen into serious disrepair, but isn’t entirely abandoned. Marty, Phil, and a band of mauraders have taken over the place, and after Dwight kills Phil by throwing him in the furnace, they shoot Dove and make a trade. If Dwight puts down the zombified Phil, then they’ll give Dove medical attention. In the midst of this showdown, Dwight, Sherry, June, and Dove hide behind the furnace that was once Dwight’s enemy. For the first time, especially for Dwight, the furnace has helped rather than hurt him.

Austin Amelio, who portrays Dwight in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, has been a part of the franchise since 2015.

Please, Let This Be The End Of Dwight & Sherry’s Relationship Troubles

Dwight and Sherry from Fear the Walking Dead, forehead together in an embrace.

Hopefully the furnace is not just a symbol of Dwight’s newfound heroism, but also Dwight and Sherry’s peace. Since the beginning, Dwight and Sherry have been at odds with each other, and at this point, it would be nice to see the couple finally settle their differences. With Sherry demanding that Dwight come protect PADRE, and Dwight’s villain arc finally coming full circle via the furnace, this would be the perfect time for the two to either separate peacefully or fall back in love for good. Now that Dwight has accepted his past, he can become the hero Sherry wants him to be.

Episode 9 isn’t just the ideal time for Dwight and Sherry to heal their relationship problems because of the furnace. In general, the couple need to resolve their issues before Fear the Walking Dead ends. Their problems have already gone on for too long, and at this point, leaving them unhappy and unresolved would be dissatisfying for audiences. All in all, Dwight’s full circle moment is an opportunity for Dwight and Sherry to both change their perspectives and prove to each other that, despite their mistakes, everything can be ok between them.

Will Dwight Die In Fear The Walking Dead?

Dwight and Sherry in Fear The Walking Dead Season 6

Fear the Walking Dead is no stranger to killing off its characters, and this is especially true once they have come to the end of their story arc. Just an episode earlier, in episode 8, the series brought back Charlie only to kill her once Madison had forgiven her for killing Nick. There are also similar theories about Madison’s impending death and Troy’s potential redemption arc. Therefore, there is a good chance that Dwight could die by the end of Fear the Walking DeadIt is a definite possibility that Dwight could help save PADRE, and specifically PADRE’s children, only to die a hero.

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