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TWD: The Spoiling Dead Fans Controversy Explained

TWD is beloved for its twists, but a group of internet sleuths, the Spoiling Dead Fans Tumblr, caused trouble for AMC with its accurate predictions.

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) grinning in The Walking Dead Season 6


  • The Spoiling Dead Fans, an online community dedicated to The Walking Dead, shared insider information and leaked plot points, leading to accurate predictions about major twists and character deaths.
  • AMC, the network airing The Walking Dead, took legal action against The Spoiling Dead Fans by issuing Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices to protect against unauthorized distribution of spoilers.
  • The leaking of a crucial audio clip from the season 6 finale, featuring the introduction of the villain Negan, was a tipping point that accelerated AMC’s decision to take action against The Spoiling Dead Fans and sparked a broader discussion about the ethics of sharing spoilers.

In the 2010s, The Walking Dead was subject to a number of major leaks due to The Spoiling Dead Fans Tumblr. The Walking Dead delves into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, referred to as “walkers”. The narrative centers around a group of survivors, struggling not only against the undead but also facing challenges from other surviving groups and individuals. With its compelling storytelling, complex characters, and unexpected plot twists, TWD has amassed a dedicated fan base and has spawned several spin-offs, including the highly anticipated The Ones Who Live.

Spoiler fan groups and leaks have become a significant part of the viewing experience for popular television shows, and TWD is no exception. These groups, formed by ardent fans, share insider information, leaks, and predictions about upcoming episodes. While many fans actively seek out this information, others view these spoilers as detrimental to their viewing experience. The existence of such groups and the spread of potential spoilers have sparked debate among fans and creators alike, leading to a complex relationship between production studios and these online communities. Most notably, AMC made an unprecedented move against The Spoiling Dead group.

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Who The Spoiling Dead Fans Are

The Spoiling Dead Fans, a group dedicated to The Walking Dead, emerged as one of the most prominent online communities for sharing spoilers about the show. This group, composed of fervent fans, scoured for any information related to upcoming episodes, from filming details to leaked plot points. They operated primarily on platforms like Facebook, their own dedicated website, Tumblr, and forums, where they dissected every piece of information they could find about TWD. Their discussions ranged from predictions based on comic book plotlines to analyzing on-set photos and insider leaks.

The group’s activities were not just confined to discussing potential spoilers; they also engaged in thorough investigations. They would analyze promotional materials, interview snippets, and any other available content to piece together upcoming storylines. Their efforts often led to accurate predictions about significant plot twists, character deaths, and season finales, spoiling some of The Walking Dead’s most shocking moments. This level of dedication and the accuracy of their predictions garnered them a considerable following within the TWD community, but it also brought them under the scrutiny of AMC, the channel airing the show.

Walking Dead Channel AMC Went After The Spoiling Dead Fans With DWCA Notices

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) flirting in The Walking Dead.

The popularity and influence of The Spoiling Dead Fans inevitably caught the attention of AMC, the network behind The Walking DeadAMC took action against the group by issuing Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices (via Facebook). The DMCA, a U.S. law enacted in 1998, aims to address the challenges of copyright infringements in the digital age. These notices are legal tools used by copyright holders to protect their intellectual property against unauthorized online distribution and sharing. AMC’s issuance of DMCA notices to The Spoiling Dead Fans marked a significant moment in the ongoing tension between creators and online spoiler communities.

The tipping point between AMC and The Spoiling Dead Fans was the leaking of the audio of the season 6 finale’s last scene (via Hello Giggles), a crucial moment for The Walking Dead. The Spoiling Dead Fans posted the audio clip, which featured the introduction of the Walking Dead villain Negan. This leak was significant because it represented a major plot point that had been eagerly anticipated by fans. The leak’s impact was immediately felt, leading to a strong reaction from AMC. AMC’s decision to take legal action against The Spoiling Dead Fans was likely accelerated by this incident.

AMC’s actions were aimed at curbing the dissemination of unauthorized leaks and spoilers that could impact viewership and the overall viewing experience. The Spoiling Dead Fans faced repercussions on platforms like Facebook, where several of their accounts and posts were shut down in compliance with these notices. This crackdown led to a broader discussion about the legality and ethics of sharing spoilers. On one hand, fans argued for the freedom to discuss and speculate about their favorite shows in online communities. On the other hand, AMC sought to protect its shows and the suspense integral to The Walking Dead‘s success.

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