“Tһey’ll Knoсk You Out in tһe First Round”: Colin Cowһerd Compаres Buffаlo Bills Witһ Mike Tyson, Delivers Hopeful Messаɡe – News Today

“Tһey’ll Knoсk You Out in tһe First Round”: Colin Cowһerd Compаres Buffаlo Bills Witһ Mike Tyson, Delivers Hopeful Messаɡe

Mike Tyson returning to Tampa Bay with one-man Broadway show

Even though the Buffalo Bills are 6-6 this season, Colin Cowherd is an admirer. After a thrilling game that went into overtime with the Eagles, Cowherd believes there’s a lot to the Bills and their mindset. Still looking for a playoff spot, Cowherd believes that the Bills have what it takes.

With only 5 more games to go in this season, the Bills need all the support they can gather. Each game for them is a do-or-die situation, and Cowherd’s words will be encouraging for the team from New York. As well as the comparison between them and former heavyweight boxing champion and an all-time feared opponent, Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson has the same grit and persona as the Bills

Every week, Colin Cowherd makes a list of the top 10 teams in the NFL. This week he placed the Bills on No. 9 despite them losing to the Eagles, but Cowherd didn’t stop there. He said, “They’re crazy but six of their losses are by six points; they are what they were three years ago”. Well, 3 years ago, they were on the top of the AFC East with a 13-3 record. But QB Josh Allen is still firing on all cylinders, and Cowherd didn’t forget to praise him as well.

Allen’s 24 TDs this season are remarkable. But what impressed the analyst the most was the grit and mindset of the Bills. He said, “They’re not buttoned up I called them the Mike Tyson. Just depends on who they fight they’ll knock you out in the first round or lose a close fight late”.

The boxer was famous for finishing his fights early, usually in round 1. But when he couldn’t, he lost it late. So the comparison does make sense in light of the Bills’ current season. But talking about three years ago, the Bills would want to be like vintage Tyson and finish the next game as quickly as possible.

The Bills take on a familiar foe

Three years ago, the Bills looked like they would win it all but lost to eventual Super Bowl winners the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship finale. Now with the playoff spot hanging, they’d want to exact revenge on their old AFC foes.

But the Chiefs are not going to go down easily; they are going to put up a fight. The Bills and the Chiefs have a long and competitive history, dating back to their days in the AFL. The Bills lead the all-time series by 28-24-1, but the Chiefs have won four of the last five games.

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