There Is No Bigger Star Trek In 2024 Than Discovery (Unless Strange New Worlds Returns)

Star Trek: Discovery’s final season is the biggest Star Trek event on the 2024 calendar, but is there a chance Strange New Worlds could overshadow it?



  • Star Trek: Discovery season 5 is the biggest Star Trek event of 2024 on Paramount+ and will be the series’ final season.
  • Paramount+ is banking on Discovery spinoffs for its Star Trek future, with the next two projects being spinoffs of Discovery.
  • While Discovery is the flagship series, there is hope that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 3 could have new episodes released by the end of 2024.

Star Trek: Discovery season 5 is the biggest event Star Trek on Paramount+ has on the 2024 calendar, but is there a chance that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds could upstage it? Absent for the entirety of 2023, Star Trek: Discovery season 5’s release date was finally announced, and the final season of the flagship Star Trek on Paramount+ series will premiere in April 2024. This will mark 25 months since Star Trek: Discovery season 4’s final episode, which premiered in March 2022, and fans are indeed anxious go see the final voyages of Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the USS Discovery, especially after such a long wait.

With Star Trek: Picard now over and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 3 only now beginning production after it was delayed by the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Star Trek: Discovery is the centerpiece of Paramount+’s Star Trek agenda in 2024. Paramount+ canceled Star Trek: Discovery in March 2023, a move that Discovery’s cast and creative team had no idea was coming. With the changing state of the streaming industry – and now the potential merger of Paramount with Warner Bros. Discovery – Star Trek: Discovery emerged as an older and increasingly expensive series that Paramount+ believes had its run. Discovery season 5 isn’t being brushed aside, however, and the delays of the final season are indicative of Paramount+’s plans to make Discovery the focus of its 2024 Star Trek strategy.

Everything we know about star trek discovery season 5
Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 – Everything We Know

Star Trek: Discovery season 5 is the final season of Paramount+’s flagship series, and here’s everything we know about Captain Burnham’s last voyages.

Discovery Season 5 Is The Only Live-Action & Biggest Star Trek Show Of 2024

Paramount+ is banking its Star Trek future on Discovery spinoffs.

Star Trek on Paramount+ only has 2 Star Trek series on its 2024 calendar, which makes Star Trek: Discovery season 5 the biggest live-action Star Trek event of 2024. Paramount+’s other series in production for a 2024 release is Star Trek: Lower Decks season 5, which is following up its acclaimed season 4. Discovery season 5’s main story is a change of pace from the show’s trademark galaxy-threatening crises to an intergalactic treasure hunt, which is touted as more adventure and exploration than previous Discovery seasons. Of course, the two-part series finale of Star Trek: Discovery is also now highly anticipated, with the first half directed by Star Trek icon Jonathan Frakes and the last-ever episode helmed by producing director Olatunde Osunsanmi re-modeled to cap off the entire series.

Reshoots were held in spring 2023 to turn the previous Star Trek: Discovery season 5 finale episode into a proper series finale.

With the popularity of Star Trek: Picard season 3 and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, both of which found appreciative mainstream audiences, there is a feeling that Star Trek: Discovery has been overshadowed. Of course, its 22-month absence from Paramount+ didn’t help. But Discovery is still the flagship Star Trek series on Paramount+ and, indeed, Strange New Worlds is a spinoff of Discovery. Further, the next two Star Trek projects in the works, the Star Trek: Section 31 made-for-Paramount+ streaming movie event and Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, are also Discovery spinoffs. Star Trek on Paramount+ continues to bank its future on Discovery even as the series flies off into the sunset.

Could Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 Release New Episodes In 2024?

Some episodes could be ready by the end of the year.


Star Trek: Discovery is the only live-action Star Trek series coming in 2024, but there is a possibility this might change by year’s end. Star Trek: Section 31‘s production is scheduled for January to March 2024, and there’s a solid chance the movie starring Academy Award-winner Michelle Yeoh will be ready to be released before the end of 2024. However, there is also the chance (hoped for by many fans) that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 3 could have some new episodes released by the end of 2024. While Paramount+ dropping all of Strange New Worlds season 3 in 2025 is most likely, perhaps the streamer might split the season in two and release the first half of Strange New Worlds season 3 in late 2024.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 ended with an intense cliffhanger fans are eager to see resolved.

Along with Star Trek: Lower DecksStar Trek fans are also excited about Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, which premieres on Netflix in 2024. Prodigy season 2 promises to be even more ambitious than season 1, serving as a sequel to Star Trek: Voyager and potentially tying into the scope of the entire Star Trek franchise. Meanwhile, Star Trek: Lower Decks season 5 will continue the show’s brilliant exploration of the Orion culture as well as deliver myriad surprises. As great as Star Trek‘s animated series are, however, they don’t hold the same cache as live-action Star Trek, which makes Star Trek: Discovery season 5 the main event of the franchise in 2024 – unless the popular Strange New Worlds returns by year’s end to take over as Star Trek on Paramount+’s new flagship series.

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