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The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live – Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Info

Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who LiveAMC Networks

“The Walking Dead” is the cable franchise that just won’t die. The saga that began in 2010 (or 2003 if you count the comic books that spawned it) has so far led to not one or two but six different spin-offs set within the same universe, a number that would be jaw-dropping even if AMC wasn’t one of many media companies signing off on large-scale layoffs in recent years. At any rate, the latest spin-off is by far the most narratively promising, as it’s set to answer burning questions fans (even those who quit watching ages ago) have about the show’s most-loved couple.

That’s right, folks: “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” is finally going to tell us whether or not Richonne is endgame. The couple comprised of original series protagonist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his super capable second-in-command turned bestie turned lover Michonne (Danai Gurira) got separated way back in season 9 of the original series, but “The Ones Who Live” promises to finally reunite them or (and this feels like a distinct possibility) kill them trying. We’re seated, but we’re scared.

When does The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live premiere?

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

AMC Networks

The latest spinoff in the “Walking Dead” series premieres on February 25, 2024 on AMC Channel and the AMC+ streaming service. The premiere date is a Sunday evening, meaning “The Walking Dead” franchise is now entering its 14th year of dominating AMC’s Sunday night line-up. As with all of the flagship series’ spin-offs and sequels, “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” is set to drop new episodes weekly, making the franchise one of few on TV that’s so far entirely avoided the binge release model.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show’s debut season will be six episodes in total, but it may actually end up being an ongoing drama show rather than a limited series. Fans who cut the cord after the original show’s run ended needn’t worry: episodes will stream on AMC+, which has a free trial option as well as plans starting at $4.99 a month. A month ahead of the show’s premiere, AMC has yet to announce the specific Sunday timeslot the show will take.

What are the plot details of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live?

Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

AMC Networks

Unlike some of the original series’ spin-offs, “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” picks up the threads of a major plot fans have been eager to see some resolution to for years. The show begins years after both Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln, who starred in “The Walking Dead” for nine seasons) and Michonne (Danai Gurira, who joined in season 2 and left one season after Lincoln) left Alexandria. Rick was picked up in helicopter after nearly dying in an explosion, and Michonne later decided to look for him after discovering signs he’d survived the incident.

The new show is finally set to let viewers know exactly what happened with these two star-crossed lovers (and badass fighters) since we last saw them, and chart their journey back towards one another. While details of the storyline haven’t been released, it’s clear from trailers that Rick at one point has a mundane zombie-killing day job while Michonne, on horseback, faces off against an army of walkers. She’s headed north towards where she thinks Rick is, but he seems busy trying to figure out whether a new (human) military commander is friend or foe.

Though the trailers withhold any indication of whether or not the pair actually reunite, this story will ultimately give Rick and Michonne fans closure and — if the writers have any sense of mercy at all — reunite them with their two kids.

Who is the cast of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live?

Terry O'Quinn, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

AMC Networks

Andrew Lincoln (“Love Actually,” “Afterlife”) and Danai Gurira (“Black Panther,” “Treme”) will both return in lead roles for “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live,” playing characters fans haven’t seen in several years. Pollyanna McIntosh (“Vikings: Valhalla”) is also set to reprise her role as Jadis, the character who coordinated with the helicopter that took Rick away during his final episode of “The Walking Dead.” Jadis also appeared in “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

The most exciting new cast edition so far is Terry O’Quinn, aka John Locke from “Lost.” O’Quinn is set to play a man named Major General Beale, a leader in the massive post-apocalyptic army known as the Civic Republic military, per Entertainment Weekly. Here’s how O’Quinn explained his character to EW:

He is the leader of the Civic Republic military and it operates pretty independently of the Civic Republic government. So he doesn’t really have to deal with them very much. And he’s held in high esteem. He’s kind of a hero. He has a long military history. He served two terms in Vietnam and went to officer training school.

Additional new castmates include Matthew Jeffers (“New Amsterdam”) and Lesley-Ann Brandt (“Lucifer”), whose characters in the show both appear to be allies to our heroes.

Who is the director of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live?

Danai Gurira, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

Fans expecting more of the same, standard zombie world visuals from “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” may be surprised by the new show, as the website Undead Walking reports that directors Bert and Bertie will be working in the “Walking Dead” universe for the first time. Amber Templemore-Finlayson and Katie Ellwood, AKA Bert and Bertie, made a splash directing some of the best episodes of “Our Flag Means Death” in 2022, and also earned praise for their work on “Hawkeye,” “The Great,” “Lessons in Chemistry,” “Silo,” and more. The filmmakers (who have also helmed feature films including “Troop Zero”) are set to direct the first two episodes of the new series, per the outlet.

Emmy-winning cinematographer and filmmaker Michael Slovis is apparently due to direct episode 3 of the new series, though directing credits for the back half of the season are not currently available. Slovis is most-known for his time on “Breaking Bad,” where he was worked as director of photography on 48 episodes, but Slovis’ filmography also includes episodes of “Game of Thrones,” “The Leftovers,” “Better Call Saul,” and the original run of “The Walking Dead.”

Who are the writers and producers of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live?

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

“The Walking Dead” creative chief Scott M. Gimple executive produces the new show, as do Lincoln, Gurira, Brian Bockrath, and Denise Huth (per The Hollywood Reporter). The show’s co-stars (who are also its co-creators alongside Gimple) seem to be taking an active role in crafting their characters’ story, as Undead Walking says that Gimple, Gurira, and Lincoln are all credited as writers of the premiere episode’s story, with Gimple working on the script.

The show’s second episode will reportedly be written by author Nana Nkweti and screenwriter Channing Powell, the latter of whom wrote several key episodes of “The Walking Dead” and other spinoff series. Per Undead Walking, episode 3’s script will be penned by “Supergirl” and “Grey’s Anatomy” writer Gabriel Llanas and another veteran of the “Walking Dead” world, writer-producer Matthew W. Negrete. One cool tidbit here: the first three episodes are apparently titled “Years,” “Gone,” and “Bye,” a clear riff on the original series’ pilot episode, “Days Gone Bye.”

Has The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live released a trailer?

As expected, “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” hasn’t just released one trailer, but several. A quick sneak peek from November 2023 was followed by a full trailer and final trailer in January, and all three offer different perspectives on the show that AMC clearly hopes will recapture some of the original series’ spirit – and audience. The first promo features commentary from Gurira and Lincoln. “These two people are so powerful, and together it’s insane,” Gurira says over quick clips from the show, adding, “This is some crazy love.”

The first full trailer (above) offers a good look at the world of the series, focusing on Rick and Michonne’s journey towards one another while also including awesome shots of zombies on fire, a helicopter shooting a missile into a skyscraper, and Rick angstily holding a bullet to his own forehead. There’s also a great introduction to O’Quinn’s militaristic character, plus a look at the crises of faith both halves of this power couple go through trying to keep hope alive when they’re separated. It’s serious stuff, but the final trailer, which features a moody song and a lot of upset-looking people, is even more high-stakes.

What to watch before seeing The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

AMC Networks

“The Walking Dead” universe expanded a lot last year with multiple spinoffs, and it seems possible that they could be building towards one Avengers-style lineup of fan favorites. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan), and Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) are all alive and on their own globetrotting side quests at the moment, but the most important series to watch before tackling “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” is the 2010 original – the show that started it all.

If you’re looking for a refresher on Rick and Michonne’s respective last episodes of “The Walking Dead,” check out season 9’s “What Comes After” and season 10’s “What We Become.” The show’s series finale, “Rest in Peace,” serves as an update on the pair’s kids, Judith and R.J. If you do choose to watch one other “Walking Dead” series before tackling the new show, your best option is probably (unfortunately) the poorly received spinoff “Walking Dead: World Beyond,” as it features both the Civic Republic military and a lot more backstory for Jadis, who is expected to show back up in the new series.

Where to watch the rest of The Walking Dead shows

Danai Gurira, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

AMC Networks

As with the new show, the streaming hub for all other “Walking Dead” series is streamer AMC+, but most of the shows are also available on a second platform, too. “The Walking Dead” is also available on Netflix, while “World Beyond” is available free on Hoopla for U.S. viewers with a library card. “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” is streaming on Amazon Prime in addition to AMC+, while the Maggie and Negan-centric spinoff “Dead City” is also free on both Hoopla and The Roku Channel.

While you’re on Hoopla, you can also check out the original “Walking Dead” comics that inspired the entire franchise. Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s 193 issue comic series ultimately differs greatly from the AMC show, but it’s still an entertaining read, and digital compendiums of the comic are free to borrow on Hoopla. By the time you’re finished with a read-through, “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” will be here: it premieres on AMC and AMC+ on February 25, 2024.

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