Tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd Hаs Now Set Tһese 2 Mаjor Cһаrасters Up For A Future Crossover – News Today

Tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd Hаs Now Set Tһese 2 Mаjor Cһаrасters Up For A Future Crossover

With multiple shows in the franchise and existing crossover characters, The Walking Dead has set up 2 major characters for a future spinoff crossover.

A custom image featuring Morgan, Madison, and Rick in The Walking Dead universe

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead’s series finale.


  • Dwight and Sherry’s plan to return to The Sanctuary in the Fear The Walking Dead finale opens up the possibility for them to encounter Alexandrians from the main show in future crossovers.
  • The close proximity between The Sanctuary and Alexandria in The Walking Dead suggests that Dwight and Sherry could be included in a theorized crossover with Morgan in The Ones Who Live.
  • Dwight’s CRM insight and knowledge about Althea’s contact with Isabelle in Fear The Walking Dead season 6 make him a potential ally in Rick and Michonne’s fight against the CRM.

The Walking Dead has made it possible for two major franchise characters to appear in a future crossover. With numerous shows and instances of crossovers before, there’s no doubt The Walking Dead could pull off another one if done correctly. Morgan is a major relevant example since he left Rick’s group at the end of the main show’s season 8 to join Fear The Walking Dead in season 4, thereafter becoming a major protagonist in the latter. Jadis also made a crossover appearance as a CRM operative in The Walking Dead: World Beyond after leaving the main show with Rick on a helicopter.

In spinoffs like The Walking Dead: Dead City and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon there have yet to be any major crossovers, save from Carol setting up her arc for the latter’s season 2 with a brief scene at the end of the first season. The upcoming The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live show’s much-anticipated focus on the Civic Republic Military – an already known organization in the franchise – suggests a huge possibility future crossovers will happen. In integrating characters across multiple spinoffs, The Walking Dead universe extends further.

The three main upcoming Walking Dead spinoff characters: Rick & Michonne, Daryl Dixon, and Negan & Maggie.
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Fear The Walking Dead’s Series Finale Reveals How Dwight & Sherry Can Return

Fear The Walking Dead‘s ending was fairly conclusive in that the characters’ plans for after the final credit roll were explained. Because of this, audiences learned that Dwight and Sherry were planning a return to The Sanctuary. Unlike other characters, this plan is the most linked to the wider Walking Dead universe. For instance, Alicia, Madison, and Tracy are headed to Los Angeles, and June and Odessa are headed back to John Dorie’s cabin in Texas. These locations are far from any known locations linked to upcoming spinoffs, making crossovers unlikely unless these characters change their destinations. The issue there lies with undoing already well-established conclusions for these characters.

With Dwight and Sherry, however, going back to The Sanctuary means they can theoretically encounter Alexandrians from the main show who might appear in Rick and Michonne’s spinoff. Because Dwight and Sherry already went back to The Sanctuary in one episode of Fear The Walking Dead season 8, it’s clear the distance between there and PADRE and its surrounding areas is manageable. While this creates a frustrating plot hole in Fear season 8, it also confirms Dwight and Sherry could easily reach other Walking Dead locations near The Sanctuary, like Alexandria, once settled.

How Dwight & Sherry Can Reunite With Morgan In The Walking Dead’s Future

Morgan talking to Dwight on Fear the Walking Dead.

Distance between The Walking Dead‘s locations hasn’t always made much sense, probably as a way to control the different spinoffs’ stories without bringing in other characters or communities. However, the main show has shown that The Sanctuary and Alexandria are close. Characters were able to travel between the two within single episodes. This suggests that Dwight and Sherry could be included if the theorized crossover with Morgan featured in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live happens.

Upon Morgan’s Fear The Walking Dead exit, he mentions he will look for Rick at Alexandria or wherever else is needed. If Morgan’s Rick Grimes plan sends him to The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live and his journey starts with his return to Alexandria, it’s plausible that he could encounter Dwight and Sherry en route. Furthermore, since Dwight and Sherry are aiming to search for other parents who were separated from their kids thanks to PADRE, they will most likely not be fixed to The Sanctuary but rather traveling around at times.

Why Dwight Could Be Crucial To A Walking Dead Crossover

Althea And Dwight Talking About The CRM In Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 11

With clues The Walking Dead universe is building toward a crossover, Dwight could be a plausible addition to The Ones Who Live. Rick and Michonne’s big battle seems to be against the CRM, and audiences expect to learn more intricacies about the organization, so Dwight’s CRM insight via Althea could be useful. In Fear The Walking Dead season 6, Dwight was with Althea when she contacted Isabelle, a CRM soldier, via a radio. Additionally, before Althea went off to look for and warn Isabelle about Teddy’s group, she told Dwight about the maps that pinpointed some of the CRM’s locations and suggested they could help Morgan’s group.

Although limited, Dwight’s awareness of the CRM links him to The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. Moreover, Dwight being one of the very few characters from Fear The Walking Dead who knows anything about the CRM makes him a key ally that could give Rick and Michonne’s CRM fight extra numbers. Distance shouldn’t be an issue, meaning Dwight and Sherry’s plans could easily put them on a path that plausibly allows them to crossover with The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, adding to the franchise’s existing hints of other potential The Walking Dead character appearances in future spinoffs.

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