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The Walking Dead Creator Reveals What A Faithful Comic Adaptation Should Look Like

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman reveals what a faithful adaptation of the original comic should look like, and how he’d want it made.

Comic Rick Grimes looking stoic and live-action Rick Grimes looking off in the distance in The Walking Dead


  • The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman wants a faithful animated adaptation of the comic series in animated form.
  • An animated series would allow for a more faithful recreation of the comics, with the ability to replace actors easily if they left the project.
  • AMC has plans for the franchise with spinoffs, but the possibility of an animated series in the TV universe is also something to consider.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has revealed how he’d want to faithfully adapt his original comic series, detailing what it should look like. In 2010, the comic was picked up for an adaptation by AMC, who turned it into a live-action TV franchise. However, many aspects of the story deviated from the original, including both major events and core characters.

Now, reports that, in response to a fan letter in The Walking Dead Deluxe #79Kirkman said he would like to see an animated adaptation of the comic series now that The Walking Dead‘s flagship series ended. However, the creator isn’t sure if AMC would want to pursue a re-adaptation of the material in a new format. Check out what Kirkman had to say below:

I think it would be a lot of fun to do a faithful animated adaptation, but I don’t know AMC’s appetite for such things.

Would An Animated Walking Dead Series Work?

The Walking Dead a large group of walkers in a field

Kirkman went on to explain how focused he is on Invincible season 2 at the moment, praising the work already done in bringing The Walking Dead to live-action. However, despite the series’ success on AMC, the absence of major comic characters like Rick and Carl in the final arcs of the show makes it a very different experience from the source material. The live-action universe is also ongoing, with multiple spinoffs continuing the story beyond the comic-inspired ending.

If The Walking Dead were to be re-adapted as an animated series, it would allow for a more faithful recreation of the comics to come to fruition. As the series would use voice actors instead of physical ones, it would be easy to replace actors with soundalikes if they decided to leave the show. This means story arcs that had to be remixed in the live-action version could be presented faithfully in an animated format.

Even so, it’s clear AMC has their own plans for the franchise, with spinoffs like the upcoming The Ones Who Live and Daryl Dixon season 2 sending the franchise in new directions. While it would be interesting to see The Walking Dead faithfully adapted at some point, it doesn’t seem like it will happen soon. However, with the franchise expanding now more than ever, an original animated series set in the TV universe is another possibility.

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