Tһe Evil Spider-Mаn In Mаdаme Web Explаined – Wһo Is Ezekiel Sims?

The first Madame Web trailer introduces Ezekiel Sims, a surprising villain looking to be an Evil Spider-Man with very different origins in the comics.

Ezekiel Sims Evil Spider-Man in Madame Web


  • The trailer for Madame Web reveals that Ezekiel Sims, an evil Spider-Man, is hunting down future Spider-Women in a bid to change the future.
  • Ezekiel Sims in the comics is a spiritual mentor and protector of Spider-Man, but the movie version presents him as a darker and more sinister character.
  • Tahar Rahim plays Ezekiel Sims in Madame Web, and the character possesses similar spider powers to Spider-Man, along with clairvoyance and potentially life-draining abilities.

Sony’s first trailer for Madame Web features the debut of Ezekiel Sims as an evil Spider-Man. A classic character from the original Marvel Comics, Ezekiel’s role in Peter Parker’s life saw him helping the Webslinger take his first steps into a larger world of destiny and totems. However, it looks as though Madame Web’s version will have some key differences and likely some darker origins as the movie’s primary villain within Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

Starring Dakota Johnson in the titular role as the clairvoyant Cassandra Web, the new Madame Web movie is also set to star Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter (Spider-Woman), Isabela Merced as Anya Corazon (Spider-Girl), and Celeste O’Connor as Mattie Franklin (Spider-Woman), all of whom are meant to become various Spider-Heroes in the future. However, the new trailer for Madame Web reveals that a man named Ezekiel Sims is hunting them down in a bid to change said future, presenting a markedly different Ezekiel than the one seen on the page. Here’s everything to know about Ezekiel Sims’ Evil Spider-Man, including the changes from the comics.

Who Is The Evil Spider-Man In Madame Web?

Marvel Comics’ Ezekiel Sims

Ezekiel Sims Evil Spider-Man in Madame Web Trailer

As seen in the new Madame Web trailer, Ezekiel Sims looks to be a rival clairvoyant in direct opposition to Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web a.k.a Cassandra Webb. Having the ability to see the future, the trailer shows an older Ezekiel being attacked by Julia Carpenter, Anya Corazon, and Mattie Franklin all dressed in their Spider-Woman/Girl costumes from the comics and possessing superpowers. This explains why the younger Ezekiel in the present is attempting to hunt down the girls likely before they get powers, and why Cassandra is trying to protect them using her own abilities to sense future events.

Madame Web’s Ezekiel also has his own black and red spider suit in the new trailer, complete with his own set of spider powers just like Spider-Man. As a result, it looks as though Ezekiel is attempting to rewrite destiny itself, potentially to save his own life in the future. That said, it’s as-of-yet unclear what exactly Ezekiel did in the future to warrant three different Spider-Women coming after him in the first place.

Ezekiel Sims Comics Origin Explained

A Spiritual Mentor For Peter Parker

Spider-Man Meets Ezekiel Sims

Ezekiel Sims’ first appearance was in 2001’s Amazing Spider-Man #30, created by J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita, Jr. Much to Spider-Man’s surprise, Ezekiel introduces himself to Peter Parker while sticking to the side of a building, confirming his similar abilities while also revealing that he knows his secret identity. However, Ezekiel is not a villain. Instead, Sims becomes a spiritual mentor of sorts to Peter, revealing their shared status as cosmic “spider-totems” and the destiny that comes with it. While Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, Ezekiel’s powers came from a violent ritual conducted in a Spider-Temple in Peru (something Madame Web’s trailer teases as well).

In the comics, Ezekiel’s primary mission is focused on his attempts to protect Spider-Man and other spider-totems such as Silk from the threat of Morlun, a vampiric being known as an Inheritor seeking to consume the life forces of all Spider-heroes across the Spider-Verse. In many ways, Ezekiel is the character who initially opened the door in the comics to grander concepts such as the Spider-Verse and the multiversal Web of Life and Destiny, something that is greatly connected to Madame Web herself. As such, Ezekiel’s role in the Madame Web movies is quite fitting and exciting, even if he appears to be more of a villain based on this new trailer.

Who Plays Ezekiel Sims In Madame Web

Ezekiel is Played by Tahar Rahim

Tahar Rahim as Ezekiel Sims in Madame Web Trailer

Ezekiel Sims will be played by French-Algerian actor Tahar Rahim. Rahim is best known for his roles in A Prophet (2009), The Mauritanian (2021) and The Past (2013). However, he’ll also have a role in Ridley Scott’s upcoming Napoleon movie set for release at the end of November. To that end, playing Ezekiel Sims with the character’s live-action debut in Madame Web looks to be Rahim’s first big franchise movie.

Ezekiel Sims Comics Changes Explained

Madame Web’s Ezekiel Is Darker (A Has A Suit)

Ezekiel Sims in Madame Web Trailer

The biggest visual difference between Madame Web’s Ezekiel and the comics version is the new spider-suit. While there is another Ezekiel from an alternate universe who had a costume after taking over the Spider-Man role following the death of his world’s Peter Parker, this new movie spider-suit is certainly darker and more sinister. That being said, the live-action Ezekiel Sims is also seen in certain shots dressed as he predominantly looks in the comics, wearing a more traditional suit while barefoot so he can still stick to walls. This includes the older Ezekiel in the future who’s featured battling Sony’s new live-action Spider-Heroes.

Likewise, this darker motivation for Ezekiel where he’s trying to kill these future Spider-Women is very different from what’s seen on the page. As such, it’s possible that Sony Pictures may be combining Ezekiel’s character with Morlun. After all, it certainly seems as though he’s trying to hunt down and kill all of these classic Spider-heroes, something that’s definitely more Morlun’s M.O. in the comics as an Inheritor.

How Powerful Is Ezekiel Sims?

Ezekiel’s Very Similar To The Original Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Ezekiel Sims in Marvel Comics

In the comics, Ezekiel Sims has the equivalent spider powers as Spider-Man despite his abilities coming from the aforementioned ritual in the jungles of Peru. This includes Spider-Man’s strength, agility, spider-senses, and the ability to stick to walls. However, he’s also immune to Spider-Man’s spider-sense and vice versa. It’s also worth noting that Ezekiel has a vast fortune at his disposal, allowing him to construct high-tech bunkers and more in his mission to protect both himself and his fellow Spider-Totems from Inheritors like Morlun (at least on the page).

However, it also looks as though some new powers are being given to this darker Ezekiel in the upcoming Madame Web movie as well. This may include a level of clairvoyance that is seemingly on par with Cassandra Webb herself, though at the very least he has knowledge of his own future and those of the future Spider-Women. It also looks as though he may have the ability to drain life forces seen when he grabs Mattie Franklin on a train. This is further proof that Ezekiel Sim’s powers and origins in Madame Web may be mixed with Morlun in the new Sony Spider-Man Universe movie.

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