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“Sure!”: Jeri Ryan Would Return As Seven Of Nine If Star Trek: Picard Spinoff Happens

Although Paramount has been quiet about a potential Star Trek: Picard spin-off, Jeri Ryan would happily return as former Borg drone Seven of Nine.



  • Jeri Ryan remains hopeful about reprising her role as Seven of Nine in a potential Star Trek spin-off.
  • Seven of Nine’s journey from former Borg drone to Starfleet Captain showcases one of the best character arcs in Star Trek.
  • Despite the uncertainty of a Star Trek: Legacy spin-off, the possibility remains open if fans and creators continue to show interest.

Jeri Ryan still hopes to return as Seven of Nine in a future spin-off of Star Trek: Picard. Seven’s story began in Star Trek: Voyager season 4 when the USS Voyager rescued the former Borg drone. Assimilated by the Borg as a child, Seven had to relearn how to be human. Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and the rest of Voyager’s crew became Seven’s family as they helped her find her humanity again. With her knowledge of Borg technology, Seven not only became a valuable member of Voyager’s crew, but she also helped the ship shave years off of its long journey home.

Jeri Ryan returned as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard season 1 as a member of the Fenris Rangers, after having been rejected by Starfleet Academy. Seven helps Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) in Picard seasons 1 and 2, eventually finding her way back to Starfleet and earning the rank of Commander. In Star Trek:Picard season 3, Seven is serving as the First Officer aboard the USS Titan under the command of Captain Liam Shaw (Todd Stashwick). By the end of Picard season 3, Seven has been promoted to captain and is given command of the newly rechristened USS Enterprise-G.



Star Trek Is Really Going To Waste Jeri Ryan As Captain Seven of Nine?

Star Trek: Picard set up Jeri Ryan as Captain Seven of Nine on the Enterprise-G, so why haven’t we heard anything about Star Trek: Legacy?

Jeri Ryan Would Happily Return To Play Captain Seven Of Nine

Will Captain Seven of Nine ever get the Star Trek spin-off she deserves?

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Picard

Although the long-rumored Star Trek: Picard spin-off, Star Trek: Legacy, seems dead in space, Jeri Ryan says she would happily return to play Captain Seven of Nine. In an interview with TrekMovie on the red carpet of the 51st annual Saturn Awards, Jeri Ryan spoke about her role in Star Trek: Picard season 3 and answered questions about the potential spin-off. Read her responses below:

TrekMovie: Speaking of being captain of the Enterprise, I did speak to Terry [Matalas] and I know Legacy isn’t real yet, but if it happens, are you ready to lead a show as captain of the ship?

Jeri Ryan: You know, I have learned one thing with this franchise, which is: never say never. So we’ll see.

TrekMovie: If it were to happen, what would you like to see for the character?

Jeri Ryan: I am not a writer, I have no illusions about being a writer. There are people like Terry and our amazing writing staff who do that very, very well. I trust this character to be in good hands with them. So I don’t have any story ideas to pitch. This is not a route that I would have ever imagined for her and I think it’s amazing.

TrekMovie: But if Legacy happened, are you ready to go?

Jeri Ryan: Sure!

Star Trek: Picard season 3, which saw the return of the original Star Trek: The Next Generation crew, surprised Paramount by becoming a runaway success. Despite the perfect setup for a spin-off and the fact that much of the cast and crew want to return, Paramount is focused on other upcoming Star Trek projects. While Star Trek: Legacy does not appear to be completely off the table, it becomes less likely the more time that passes. Still, if the fans, actors, and creators keep asking for it, anything is possible.

Seven Of Nine Has One Of Star Trek’s Best Story Arcs

Whether in Star Trek: Legacy or not, Seven’s story needs to continue.

Since her debut in Star Trek: Voyager season 4, episode 1, “Scorpion, Part II,” Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine has grown and changed more than almost any other Star Trek character. From a frightened former Borg drone to a confident Starfleet Captain, she went from speaking without inflection and experiencing little emotion to being just as human as those around her. Although Seven’s journey so far has been incredibly compelling, her career as Captain of the Enterprise-G has only just begun. Plus, she has yet to reconnect with her former Voyager crew mates on screen. Whether Seven of Nine returns in Star Trek: Legacy or another Star Trek project, she undoubtedly has more stories to tell.

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