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Star Trek’s First Same-Sex Kiss Could Have Happened Early In DS9, Says Terry Farrell

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Jadzia Dax had Star Trek’s first same-sex kiss in DS9 season 4, but Terry Farrell says it could’ve happened much earlier.

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  • Terry Farrell portrayed Dax in a more masculine way in a potential same-sex kiss scene that didn’t happen in a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 1 episode.
  • The script for the episode might have been different if it were produced in the 21st century, potentially allowing for a same-sex kiss.
  • The reunion between Jadzia Dax and Lenara Kahn in a DS9 season 4 episode resulted in Star Trek’s first same-sex kiss, highlighting the show’s support for same-sex relationships.

Star Trek‘s first same-sex kiss could have happened early in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, says Jadzia Dax actor Terry Farrell. In DS9 season 1, episode 8, “Dax”, the trial of Lt. Jadzia Dax explores whether Jadzia, the current humanoid host of the Dax symbiont, is responsible for crimes allegedly committed by one of Dax’s former Trill hosts, Curzon. Curzon is survived by an ex-lover, Enina Tandro (Fionnula Flanagan), whose testimony is essential in determining Dax’s guilt or innocence. The reunion between Dax and Enina is unusually tender, with gentle touches and longing glances, and the moment seems ripe for Dax and Enina to exchange a kiss.

In scenes that Dax and Enina share on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, it seems as though Terry Farrell is portraying Dax more like the old man that Curzon was, instead of the young woman that Jadzia is. On The Delta Flyers podcast episode discussing the DS9 episode “Dax”, Farrell says that she did approach the scene from a masculine perspective. Star Trek: Voyager Harry Kim actor Garrett Wang, co-host of The Delta Flyers, suggests that the script for “Dax” might have been very different if the episode were produced in the 21st century. Read their quotes and listen to The Delta Flyers, season 9, episode 7 below, at the 1:15:36 timestamp.

Terry Farrell: In the scene I remember feeling like I was in this masculine place for [Curzon’s ex, Enina], that she was my love, and I loved her. We both had this feeling like, ‘Are we gonna kiss?’ It wasn’t written that we were, but there was a feeling that [Curzon is] still in there experiencing it, like I was letting him be there. Sort of allowing him to take over.

Garrett Wang: I do feel that if this episode was filmed now, in 2023, that there would’ve been a kiss. A very beautiful kiss, I feel. It could’ve been accepted. But back then, it was oh, we can’t have same-sex kisses.

Terry Farrell: It’s sweet. It’s not sexual. It’s just, ‘I love you and I will miss you.’ A goodbye kiss.

Star Trek Queer History


Star Trek: A Queer History Of The Franchise

While the Star Trek franchise has only added explicitly LGBTQ+ characters in the last 4-5 years, it has had ties to queer themes from the beginning.

DS9’s Jadzia Dax Did Have Star Trek’s First Same-Sex Kiss

DS9 Season 4, Episode 5 “Rejoined” reunited Dax and former lover Kahn, now both women.

In circumstances very similar to those in DS9 season 1’s “Dax”, Star Trek‘s first same-sex kiss was in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 4, episode 5, “Rejoined”, between Jadzia Dax and Lenara Kahn, played by Star Trek veteran Susanna Thompson. Thompson’s Lenara is the new host for Trill Kahn symbiont, who was previously hosted by Nilani, the wife of Dax’s previous host, Torias. The reunion between Kahn and Dax sparks feelings between Lenara and Jadzia, as both women recall the romance they shared in past lifetimes. After several tense scenes, Jadzia Dax and Lenara Kahn make Star Trek history with a passionate kiss.

Picking up where Nilani and Torias left off puts Kahn and Dax in violation of the Trill taboo of reassociation between symbionts with intimate shared history, in a clear metaphor for the prejudice faced by same-sex couples. Dax and Kahn must decide whether their rekindled love is worth the ostracizing that would come with pursuing their romance further, and ultimately, Jadzia Dax and Lenara Kahn decide to part ways. Star Trek‘s message of support for same-sex relationships may have been blurry in DS9 season 1, but it’s crystal clear by DS9 season 4 with Jadzia and Lenara’s kiss in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Rejoined”.

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