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Star Trek & Seinfeld Crossover With Surprisingly Perfect Dialogue In Video

Star Trek and Seinfeld crossover with surprisingly perfect dialogue in a hilarious mash-up video bringing together the worlds of sci-fi and sitcoms.

Custom image showing Picard from Star Trek TNG looking dramatically forward and Kramer from Seinfeld being wacky while smoking a pipe


  • Star Trek and Seinfeld, two TV classics, have surprisingly seamless crossover dialogue in a mash-up video.
  • The video brings together iconic characters from both shows, showing their commonalities.
  • The crossover features dramatic moments, shared meals, and personal confessions, making for an entertaining blend of comedy and sci-fi.

Star Trek and Seinfeld crossover with surprisingly perfect dialogue in a mash-up video bringing together a pair of TV classics. Though both shows went off the air in the 1990s, Star Trek: TNG and Seinfeld continue to hold a prominent place in pop culture. The latter is still a streaming and TV rerun hit all these years after its controversial series finale, while the former recently enjoyed a full-on reunion thanks to Paramount+’s Picard season 3.

The worlds of Star Trek and Seinfeld may indeed feel universes apart, but a recently-shared crossover video proves that they actually mesh pretty seamlessly, showing that the show about nothing and the one about the voyages of the Starship Enterprise have a lot in common. See the clip below (via Captain of the ship/Instagram):

The video sees Kramer sharing a dramatic moment with Jean-Luc Picard, Keiko and Miles O’Brien enjoying a meal with Jerry and friends and, last but not least, George Costanza making a very personal confession in front of a Cardassian.

Picard Season 3 Proved a Seinfeld Reunion Can Work

Jean-Luc Picard and the Star Trek Picard cast

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 7 offered up a tantalizing sampling of what a Seinfeld reunion might look like, but since that one-off episode brought back the sitcom’s main cast alongside co-creator Larry David, there has been no real news about a possible revival. A tease was offered up late last year when Jerry Seinfeld himself made a cryptic remark during a stand-up set, telling his Boston audience in response to a question about the show’s divisive ending, “Something is going to happen that has to do with that ending. It hasn’t happened yet.” But nothing is confirmed on the Seinfeld revival front.

Seinfeld is currently streaming on Netflix, while Star Trek: TNG streams on Paramount+.

The chemistry of the original Seinfeld cast was such a unique lightning-in-a-bottle thing that a revival so long after the finale would arguably be doomed to failure. However, it is possible for a show to recapture the special magic that existed between a group of actors, even years after going off the air. This was proven by last year’s Picard season 3 TNG reunion, which saw the original main cast coming back together for one last adventure, and seeming not to miss a beat. A sitcom like Seinfeld is different from a drama like Star Trek, and maybe that chemistry is harder to get back in a comedic setting, but nevertheless, Picard showed that classic TV reunions can provide satisfying final bows for beloved characters, if done right.

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