Star Trek: Discovery Fans Will Be “Very Pleased” With Saru’s Romance In Season 5, Says Doug Jones – News Today

Star Trek: Discovery Fans Will Be “Very Pleased” With Saru’s Romance In Season 5, Says Doug Jones

Star Trek: Discovery’s Doug Jones promises the fan-favorite romance between Captain Saru and President T’Rina continues in season 5.

Saru and TRina Discovery season 4


  • The romance between Captain Saru and President T’Rina will continue in season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery says Doug Jones.
  • Doug Jones, who plays Saru, learned about the show’s cancellation while on the Star Trek Cruise in February 2023.
  • The slow-burn love story between Saru and T’Rina is based on compassion, understanding, and their desire to do the right thing.

Star Trek: Discovery‘s Doug Jones promises that the fan-favorite romance between Captain Saru and President T’Rina (Tara Rosling) will continue in season 5. Like the rest of Star Trek: Discovery‘s cast and crew, Jones had no idea that season 5 would be the final season, and Doug learned Discovery was canceled while he was on the Star Trek Cruise in February 2023. After reshoots were completed to add an epilogue at the end of Discovery‘s season 5’s finale, Jones saw it and said it gave him “closure.”

Doug Jones was the Star Trek guest headliner of TrekTalks 3, which raised over $109,000 to benefit the Hollywood Food Coalition. Toward the end of his panel moderated by Jessica Lynn Verdi, Jones teased Captain Saru’s love story with President T’Rina in Star Trek: Discovery season 5. Check out his quote and watch Doug Jones’ TrekTalks 3 panel at the 8:35:25 time stamp below:

If you’re wondering where the Saru/President T’Rina story goes, I can’t tell you anything except that I asked our showrunner [Michelle Paradise] at the beginning of filming, not knowing how the season was gonna play out, will the romance continue between Saru and T’Rina is what I asked. And she said, ‘I think you’ll be very pleased’. That’s all I’m gonna say.

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What’s Next For Captain Saru & President T’Rina In Star Trek: Discovery Season 5?

Saru gets the girl.

Captain Saru’s romance with President T’Rina caught viewers and the cast and crew by surprise in Star Trek: Discovery season 3. There were unexpected sparks when the lanky Kelpien Starfleet Captain first met and interacted with the Vulcan President of Ni’Var. To Star Trek: Discovery‘s writers’ credit, they leaned into Saru and T’Rina with a slow-burn love story based on their mutual compassion, understanding, and desire to do the right thing. Saru and T’Rina shared intimate moments, but it culminated with them holding hands in an electric moment at the end of Star Trek: Discovery season 4.

President T’Rina spearheaded Ni’Var rejoining the United Federation of Planets after over a century of separation thanks to The Burn.

A synopsis for Star Trek: Discovery season 5’s premiere, “Red Directive,” hints that Captain Saru “is offered the position of a lifetime.” Some intriguing possibilities include Saru getting command of his own starship, a promotion to Admiral, or perhaps even an Ambassadorship. If Saru’s personal journey takes him to Ni’Var in a diplomatic role, it could ramp up his relationship with President T’Rina. It won’t be much longer for viewers to wait to see what Star Trek: Discovery season 5 has in store for Captain Saru and President T’Rina’s love story.

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