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Rick Grimes Spinoff Trailer Confirms His CRM Role Is Way Bigger Than The Walking Dead’s Finale Revealed

The trailer for Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead spinoff, The Ones Who Live, confirms that his role within the CRM is even bigger than first anticipated.

rick grimes in the walking dead the ones who live trailer


  • Rick Grimes’ role in the CRM is much bigger than initially thought, as confirmed by the trailer for The Ones Who Live.
  • Rick is seen having a one-to-one conversation with the CRM’s leader, suggesting his importance within the group.
  • The trailer hints that Rick may be a pilot for the CRM, which could play a key role in his escape and reunion with Michonne.

The Ones Who Live‘s trailer revealed more details about the upcoming Rick Grimes spinoff and highlighted that his CRM role is much bigger than The Walking Dead‘s finale suggested. Over five years have passed since Rick Grimes was a regular part of The Walking Dead, but he will finally be returning with his own spinoff which will show where he has been all this time. The Walking Dead season 11 finale indicated that Rick was trying to escape a group that was suspected to be the CRM and the trailer for The Ones Who Live confirms this, while also seemingly unveiling his role in the group.

After his cameo in the finale and the teaser trailer, it appeared Rick would be nothing more than a regular CRM worker. His uniform and mundane tasks of clearing zombies pointed at him being nothing special to the group, especially since the World Beyond spinoff highlighted that this is the sort of work low-ranking members do. The Ones Who Live seems to have hinted that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Rick’s significance in the group. With The Ones Who Live‘s release date not far away, the trailer offered more insight as to how big of a part Rick Grimes will play in the CRM.

The Ones Who Live is set to premiere on February 25, 2024, on AMC and AMC+.

The Ones Who Live’s Villain Confirms Rick Is Important In The CRM

Major General Beale talking to Rick Grimes in The Ones Who Live

Rick is seen talking directly to the CRM’s leader, confirming he must have some importance to the group. Major General Beale was referenced in World Beyond, but never even made his presence known to that branch of the CRM, highlighting how big of a deal it is for Rick to be talking to him. The fact that they have a one-to-one conversation suggests that Beale has plans for Rick, and perhaps that very conversation leads to the protagonist grasping a bigger role within the facility. After this conversation, the trailer goes on to show intense action sequences with Rick having some involvement, further suggesting his role is significant.

Given how big the CRM’s reach is, having a larger part within the group makes sense for Rick’s character. He was once a leader, and although the main show’s ending suggests he was unhappy, he may have to accept that a more authoritative role is better for his future and his chances of escape. The CRM could even have connections with Daryl Dixon‘s villains, indicating their reach is greater than anyone else in the new world, making them Rick’s best chance at survival. Rick’s crucial role still doesn’t make him a leader within the group though, as he refers to Beale as Sir. However, Rick doesn’t seem overly intimidated by the antagonist.

Custom image of Rick and Michonne in The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live
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With The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live releasing in February 2024, there are exciting expectations audiences have of the Rick and Michonne spinoff.

The Ones Who Live’s Trailer Hints Rick Grimes Is Actually A CRM Pilot

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wearing a pilot uniform with a CRM helicopter behind him in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

One of the big reveals from The Ones Who Live‘s trailer is that Rick Grimes may be a pilot for the CRMThe Walking Dead has never shown any previous signs that Rick knows how to fly vehicles, but the concept of him leaving the main survivors in a helicopter only to be the pilot of one himself is an interesting bit of irony. Given how much time has passed, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched that Rick could learn to fly a helicopter, especially considering his survival instincts. He can adapt to situations and learn quickly, meaning his many years with the CRM could have taken him to pilot status.

Towards the end of the trailer, a CRM member wearing a pilot uniform gets a solo moment before the title drops. Brightening the image suggests Rick is behind the helmet, which would make sense given how significant a moment in the trailer the shot is. While The Ones Who Live looks to be a dark return for Rick Grimes, his status within the group indicates he is at least managing to maximize his situation. With Rick’s role in the CRM looking important, the responsibility of being a pilot could be a result of Major General Beale wanting to see Rick’s true abilities.

What Rick’s CRM Role Means For The Walking Dead’s New Spinoff

Rick Grimes’ CRM role has major ramifications for the upcoming spinoff. If Rick really is a pilot, it would not only mean he may be a large part of the war, but it could also be key to his escape. The Ones Who Live will inevitably showcase Rick and Michonne’s reunion unless they decide to prolong things to a second season. However, Rick’s status as a pilot could delay this. While Rick seems unlikely to engage in a war with unknown survivors, his time at the CRM may force him to make drastic, uncharacteristic decisions and the trailer emphasizes how useful helicopters are, especially when it comes to combat.

Helicopters have previously been used in The Walking Dead for transport, but Rick’s spinoff seems to suggest they can also be deadly. They are shown shooting buildings and dropping gas, signaling it is one of the CRM’s most useful assets. While the role could indicate that Rick may be involved in doing the group’s dirty work in The Ones Who Live, it may also be how he escapes. Having access to a helicopter could let Rick finally secure his freedom, turning on his fellow CRM soldiers. He could use the helicopter to fly away from the facility and potentially rescue Michonne and her new group in the process.

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