Neɡаn Would Be Seсretly Hаppy About How 1 Wаlkinɡ Deаd Couple’s Story Just Ended

Fear The Walking Dead’s ending for one couple would secretly make Negan proud, as it can right some of his mistakes and represent his growth on TWD.

The Walking Dead's Negan would be happy with Dwight and Shery running The Sanctuary


  • Fear The Walking Dead’s finale had satisfying conclusions for many characters, including an ending for one couple that would make Negan smile.
  • Dwight and Sherry’s decision to rebuild The Sanctuary as a safe haven represents their growth and redemption from traumas caused by Negan.
  • News of Dwight and Sherry’s new leadership at The Sanctuary may reach Negan through rumors of their actions.

Fear The Walking Dead gave one couple’s story an ending that Negan would secretly be quite happy about. In Fear The Walking Dead‘s ending, the remaining characters broke up into smaller groups with different missions centered around helping others. For Madison, Alicia, and Tracy, this meant a return to Los Angeles to assist any survivors there. For Odessa and June, it meant returning to John Dorie’s Texan cabin where June could teach Odessa about medicine. This exemplifies some of the satisfying conclusions Fear The Walking Dead had for many of its characters in the finale.

Some Fear The Walking Dead season 8 characters, however, had sadder endings, such as Troy’s death in the penultimate episode. The main The Walking Dead TV show finale, on the other hand, didn’t deliver the most gratifying conclusions for all its character arcs. Negan’s ending saw him leaving behind his family and helping Maggie rescue Hershel in The Walking Dead: Dead City. That being said, Fear The Walking Dead‘s series finale did give one couple an ending that would bring a smile to Negan’s face if he ever found out about it.

Fear The Walking Dead Lets Dwight & Sherry Fix Negan’s Mistake

Dwight and Sherry plan to rebuild The Sanctuary as a safe haven

Sherry And Dwight In Fear The Walking Dead Series Finale

Dwight and Sherry were last seen at the crossroads where Fear The Walking Dead‘s characters said goodbye. Here, the couple agreed to return to The Sanctuary, despite their traumatic history there. Although what happened to Negan’s Sanctuary involved another antagonistic group, returning there in FTWD helped Dwight and Sherry grow. Dwight’s suggestion to turn the ex-Savior base into a haven that suits its name and continues MADRE’s mission of helping others can right the wrongs it represented during Negan’s reign. Rebuilding The Sanctuary furthers the theme of redemption that Fear The Walking Dead‘s finale focused on, which also connects to Negan’s arc in later Walking Dead seasons and Dead City.

With Sherry and Dwight running The Sanctuary, the couple can remedy their own trauma caused by Negan. Sherry was particularly affected, as seen through her earlier Fear The Walking Dead appearances that focused on her need for revenge, and her vow to kill Negan. Dwight clearly held deep guilt about his part in the brutality that Negan ordered, since he remembered Negan tossing Dr. Emmett Carson into the furnace right after he did the same to a new Sanctuary dweller. With the couple in a healthier place, they can break the ties to Negan’s leadership by re-establishing The Sanctuary’s true purpose.

Negan Would Be Happy About Dwight & Sherry Leading The Sanctuary

Negan’s redemption arc suggests a positive Sanctuary would satisfy him

Although Negan was a formidable villain who displayed extreme violence, such as brutally bashing Glenn’s and Abraham’s heads in, his development after Rick spared his life in The Walking Dead season 8 was commendable. Not only did Negan play an integral part in the Alexandrians’ efforts to thwart the Whisperers, but he also saved Judith during a snowstorm. Negan has redeemed himself on The Walking Dead in ways like this, signifying his dismissal of the ideals he held while running The Sanctuary.

Negan’s journey in The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 pushed this even further. Firstly, his turn to more morally driven actions was strengthened by his wife Annie and son Joshua, and his need to protect them. Much of Negan’s motivation behind helping Maggie stemmed from his own understanding of parental love and keeping one’s family safe, in addition to his guilt over Glenn’s death. Dwight and Sherry’s mission to find the parents still separated from their children by PADRE, give them a home at the Sanctuary, and potentially help reunite them with their kids would undoubtedly make the new-look Negan proud.

Will Negan Ever Find Out About The Sanctuary’s New Leaders?

Distance between TWD locations makes a crossover challenging, but a mention is possible

Negan looking serious in The Walking Dead Dead City episode 6

As rewarding as it would be to have Negan learn about The Sanctuary’s new era paved by good intentions, it may be unlikely. By the end of The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1, Negan had been captured by The Dama, who gave him an incentive to revert to his Savior-era behavior by threatening to continue cutting off pieces of Hershel. Although this could set up a Sanctuary crossover, the distance between New York and Alexandria doesn’t allow a quick trip. As such, journeys to The Sanctuary would be too long for Negan to simply stumble across Dwight and Sherry’s revamped settlement.

Because Maggie’s The Bricks community still has ties to Alexandria and Oceanside, however, news of Negan’s role in protecting The Dama’s methane power supply may spread. This would mirror how Negan’s reputation in the main show spread to communities long before he actually appeared onscreen. The reverse could occur too, with word spreading about The Sanctuary’s new leadership because of Dwight and Sherry’s ties to MADRE, which has added reach now it is no longer confined to one location. Despite being in Manhattan, therefore, Negan could potentially hear rumors about a husband-and-wife duo rebuilding The Sanctuary as the antithesis of the community he once ruled over.

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