Mike Tyson refuses to rule out possibility of Francis Ngannou beating Tyson Fury – News Today

Mike Tyson refuses to rule out possibility of Francis Ngannou beating Tyson Fury

Mike Tyson has insisted that anything can happen in a boxing fight between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury calls out Francis Ngannou for cage fight with Mike Tyson as  referee

Power-puncher Ngannou recently announced his intentions to pursue a series of fights in the boxing ring after departing the UFC and vacating his heavyweight title. Throughout last year, ‘The Predator’ has been heavily linked with a squared circle showdown with WBC champion Fury who is currently trying to become undisputed champion by securing a showdown with Oleksandr Usyk.

The pair have already agreed to a set of rules for a potential clash, but it remains unclear if a fight can be officially negotiated despite Ngannou now becoming a free agent. Boxing legend Tyson was included in Fury’s recent proposal to Ngannou, insisting that the pair should duel in front of ‘Iron’ who will feature as a guest referee.

Tyson Fury changes Mike Tyson's famous phrase to send warning to Francis  Ngannou - Mirror Online

However in a cryptic response when asked by TMZ Sports if Ngannou could have his hand raised in a fight with Fury, Tyson replied: “Yeah, you never know.” Ngannou would likely be a huge underdog if the pair do agree to a showdown in the boxing ring, given the Gypsy King’s elite record in the top division.

The Cameroon star has yet to compete in the boxing ring but has regularly been seen training in different gloves, which is largely down to his elite punching power. It has been a difficult spell for Ngannou who wanted to be free to negotiate boxing outings alongside his stint as UFC heavyweight champion, and tried to negotiate for a clause to be inserted during contract negotiations.

However talks failed to materialise with Ngannou turning his back on the promotion, before boldly stating his intention to go after boxing’s elite which could also include challenges to Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua. Fury reignited talks of a potential fight this year upon hearing the news, insisting a fight could be made if he loses out on a meeting with Usyk.

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And Ngannou, who will be encouraged by Fury’s recent outbursts, has insisted he plans to take a more official approach to kickstart talks for a fight later this year. “I’ve talked to somebody, some of [ Tyson Fury’s] advisors, but they’re working on a fight with [Oleksandr] Usyk in April,” Ngannou told TMZ Sports. “So, until then, he will not be free. But I’m trying to see if we can have an agreement before that fight. That will also give me some time to get prepared for a boxing fight.

“So I have no problem with the timeline that I’m expecting, that I hope will be sometime in June, July, which is doable. So let’s see. I think it’s too early to make a conclusion. It’s too early to say anything about it but it’s definitely something that we’re looking into. “We’ve been talking about this fight the past two years.”

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