Mike Tyson Opens An Academy In Arizona, Said To Be The First Emotional And Belief Intelligence-Based School System In The Nation – News Today

Mike Tyson Opens An Academy In Arizona, Said To Be The First Emotional And Belief Intelligence-Based School System In The Nation

Mike Tyson is looking to serve and empower the youth in Phoenix, AZ, with his new school.

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The heavyweight champion and entrepreneur has joined Foundation Academies School System (MLMPI Prep Academy) and President Daniel Puder to open Tyson Transformational Technologies Academy’s (Tyson’s TTA) for sixth to 12th graders, according to a press release.

The Phoenix-based and Cognia accredited micro-school is set to focus on financial literacy, innovation, mentorship, civic leadership, accountability, and community engagement. Additionally, it’s described as “a trailblazer in education that is committed to serving the diverse needs of middle annd high school students.”

“It’s important to me that I am able to share my life experiences to inspire the next generation,” Tyson shared, according to the press release. “This new educational institution will build core values that I am honored and grateful to be part of the Arizona community. I was thrilled to be part of the ribbon cutting ceremony and meeting some of the students.”

“As a society, we get to build our youths for the next generation,” added Puder. “We are so blessed to have Mike Tyson part of our school system. He inspires our students.”

The press release discloses that all tuition costs for Tyson Transformational Technologies Academy students are covered through the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA Scholarship) and internal school scholarships.

According to Tyson Transformational Technologies Academy’s website, full-ride scholarships are available to all Arizona residents and enrollments are open. What’s more, its website states that it’s “the first Emotional & Belief Intelligence Based School System in the Nation.”

“At Tyson’s Transformational Technologies Academy (Tysons’s TTA), we are committed to ensuring that every youth enrolled at our school receives the highest level of education while reinforcing the concept of mentorship and accountability and promoting civic leadership and engagement,” the school’s website wrote.

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