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Mike Tyson Goes On A Strange Tangent Discussing How ‘Aliens’ Created Humans In New Interview

One of greatest boxers of all time, Mike Tyson recently gave one of the oddest interviews of all time to Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson. They talked about the nature of existence and came to the conclusion that time is not real.

Carlson questioned Tyson about his response to atheists during an interview that aired on Fox Nation.

According to Tyson, most atheists “are miserable.”

Tyson said, “You talk about God as some mean male. What? Is he a little man upstairs controlling all 5 billion of us? That’s him? He sees all of us. He sees the ants. I’m saying he — God, he sees the ants, the bugs, he sees microscopic stuff that we can’t see that’s killing us, the pollution. He sees it all.”

“I don’t even like to say ‘he.’ Who am I to think I know what God truly is because I read about him in Koran or the Bible or something? I have to know, is he a male or a female? That could be chauvinistic. The world is chauvinistic. A man has to run the world! That’s just what has been basically since the beginning of time.”

Tyson continued:

“A man has to run the world. That’s the way that it’s always been. I’m sure you know that, right?”

Carlson then replied:

“I did know that. So to you, it’s just obvious there’s God?”

Tyson said,

“I don’t know if his name is really God, Allah. Who is the first guy that started my bloodline? How did that happen? Was it a dinosaur? Was it one of those aliens that they say were around a couple of million years ago? Who was it?”

He continued: “Just think about the time. Time doesn’t exist. It’s only internally. We created time. You know, so when we say time, the father — the heavenly father, he didn’t make time. There’s no time. There’s only eternity.”

“What is time? Time is something we created. God, the universe didn’t create time. It created eternity.”

Carlson then replied, “Which has no relationship to time. There’s no such thing as time.”

Tyson asserted: “If we really do some in-depth investigations about history, we have to rewrite it. We don’t know nothing. We have to rewrite history. The history that we have is just unbelievable and doesn’t exist.”

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