Mike Tyson аnd Evаnder Holyfield һаve сombined net wortһ of just £9m аfter £600m loss – News Today

Mike Tyson аnd Evаnder Holyfield һаve сombined net wortһ of just £9m аfter £600m loss

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield made a whopping £600million during their boxing careers but somehow lost their exorbitant wealth.

The combat sports icons will forever be tied together after their infamous bout in 1997 when Tyson shockingly bit part of Holyfield’s ear off after claiming his opponent repeatedly headbutted him. The New York native was immediately disqualified and his boxing license was rescinded by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

In what was a rematch of their 1996 fight where Holyfield knocked out Tyson, the pair were paid a combined purse of £53m. The boxers were on top of the world as they paid mass amounts of money for many of their clashes in the ring as Tyson earned £400m from his fights while Holyfield earned £200m.

It was enough money to set up multiple generations of both their families but in the years after their sporting careers had come to an end, they squandered their fortune leaving with them with a combined net worth of £9m, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Multiple business deals went belly-up for Holyfield whose ventures into the music and restaurant business failed as he was evicted from his 109-room mansion in 2008 after he owed £10m in mortgage payments. Tyson was guilty of being a reckless spender as he splashed his cash on multiple homes, luxury cars and animals.

Part of his ear could be seen on the canvas

Tyson bit part of Holyfield’s ear off in their 1997 rematch (Image: Press Association)

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Over 25 years on from the infamous rematch, the pair have patched things up and even became business patterns as they launched an edible company named: ‘Holy Ears’ which are marijuana candies shaped like ears with a chunk out of them. When speaking about the new venture alongside his once-rival, Tyson said: “We have to look at – this is enterprise, and in [an] enterprise, all is friends and make a lot of money as well.

He knocked out Tyson in 1996

Holyfield was the undisputed champion at cruiserweight and heavyweight during his career (Image: Getty Images)

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