Mаɡɡie Won’t Sаve Neɡаn In Deаd City Seаson 2 – Tһis Wаlkinɡ Deаd Cһаrасter Will – News Today

Mаɡɡie Won’t Sаve Neɡаn In Deаd City Seаson 2 – Tһis Wаlkinɡ Deаd Cһаrасter Will

With Negan on a new arc in Dead City season 2, there’s one new Walking Dead character who will be able to save him – and it’s not Maggie.

Maggie and Negan sitting opposite each other in The Walking Dead Dead City


  • Maggie’s anger towards Negan may finally be resolved in season 2 of The Walking Dead: Dead City after he helped save Hershel.
  • Negan’s allyship with Perlie Armstrong, a New Babylon marshal, developed due to Perlie’s softer side and conflicted feelings.
  • Perlie, with his inside knowledge of the New Babylon Federation, could help Negan navigate the brewing war with the Burazi.

Negan played an integral part in helping Maggie in The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1, but there’s another character who can save him in season 2. Maggie and Negan have been at odds since season 6 of the main show after he killed Glenn, but Dead City challenged this by making them work together. By the end of The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1, Negan found himself separated from everyone he knew personally or had gotten closer to, like Ginny and Maggie. Forcibly enlisted by the newest Dead City villain the Dama, Negan is faced with leaning into his previous ruthless Savior-leading days.

While Negan’s redemption for his Savior days was a slow journey, The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 ending hinted at Maggie finally being able to resolve some of her anger towards him after he helped save Hershel. Dead City Season 2 puts Negan in full focus as he’ll undoubtedly have to navigate tough choices to avoid more harm inflicted on Hershel and an all-out war between the Burazi and the New Babylon Federation. However, one likely character from season 1 could make this easier.

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Perlie Armstrong & Negan Ended As Allies In The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1

Gaius Charles as Perlie in Walking Dead Dead City

When The Walking Dead: Dead City kicked off, Negan was a fugitive wanted by the New Babylon Federation’s marshals, who were led by Perlie Armstrong. Throughout the course of the season, Perlie was typically one step behind Negan and Maggie, with one encounter in a laundromat causing him to lose two fellow marshals. While Perlie exhibited a rigidity in following a code, he also showed clear remorse for the brutality he had to resort to, like when he executed Jones by tossing her at a group of walkers even though she was complying with his requests.

His softer side helped turn his hunt for Negan into an allyship. When Negan saved his life, he still refused to let him go because of his orders. However, when he learned why Negan killed New Babylon magistrates (they brutally attacked Annie), Perlie was conflicted. Perlie ultimately helped Negan because he came to terms with some of his guilt around his brother Joel’s overdose and learning about Annie humanized Negan for him. Thus, when the pair separated in the season finale, Perlie lied and said Negan was dead to spare him from the grotesque execution the Prefect wanted.

Custom image of Negan and Maggie in The Walking Dead Dead City
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The New Babylon Federation And The Burazi Are On Opposing Sides

The New Babylon Federation is a network of survivor communities in Virginia, and the Burazi are a hostile group led by a Negan copycat, the Croat, who’s orchestrated by the Dama. The main source of conflict between the groups is the New Babylon Federation’s aim to acquire the Burazi’s methane power source. Despite this, the two groups have a major similarity – they both are governed by a fixed ideology, the New Babylon Federation with formalized law and the Burazi’s belief that people are a resource.

Being a New Babylon marshal, Perlie has a lot to lose since his family is a part of the community. The Prefect subtly threatened Perlie’s family’s well-being when questioning him upon his return. While intimidated, Perlie’s willingness to lie to the Prefect about Negan suggests doubt about the Federation’s methods and motives, especially when the Prefect fixates on the methane aspect of Perlie’s recap. His actions imply he sees a code is not always applicable because situations can have more to them than just a clear-cut right or wrong action. This suggests his season 2 allegiances could shift, mirroring his conflict around guilt and accountability.

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How Perlie Can Help Negan In The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2

Custom image of Negan and Perlie Armstrong in The Walking Dead Dead City

While it’s a risk to defy the New Babylon Federation – as seen by their publicly displayed executions – Perlie’s knowledge from the inside could theoretically help Negan stay on top of a violent war. Both Negan and Perlie didn’t showcase any desire for combat for the sake of power or enjoyment in The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1. Therefore, Perlie could covertly intervene in any attacks on the Burazi by keeping Negan looped in. This could allow Negan to keep up appearances as the savage Savior-era leader the Dama wants him to be, but minimize threats and further senseless harm.

Given that the Dama would want to keep a close eye on Negan, an alternative way for Perlie to help is via Maggie. Since Maggie is trying to reconnect with Hershel and has started seeing her revenge against Negan isn’t healthy, it’s likely she’ll help. If Perlie liaises with her or other s from Maggie’s new community, The Bricks, collectively they could help keep a New Babylon Federation and Burazi bloodbath at bay. Overall, Perlie’s connection to the New Babylon Federation and his deeper understanding of Negan after season 1, sets him up to be a crucial ally for the Dama’s new leader in The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2.

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