“Justice League Of Star Trek”: Brent Spiner’s Nemesis Sequel Plan

Brent Spiner and Star Trek: Nemesis screenwriter John Logan had an awesome idea for a fifth movie featuring the cast of Star Trek: TNG.

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  • Brent Spiner had an idea for an epic Star Trek sequel that would bring together all the captains, crews, and villains in one movie.
  • The idea involved Picard going back in time to recruit characters like Kirk, Spock, and Archer to help him stop a gathering of Star Trek villains.
  • The potential sequel was deemed too expensive by Paramount, but the door could still be open for more TNG stories and a potential Picard spin-off.

Star Trek: Nemesis, the fourth film to feature the crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation, failed at the box office, but Lt. Commander Data actor Brent Spiner had an idea for an awesome sequel. For seven seasons of TNG, audiences followed the adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the USS Enterprise-D on television. Finally, in 1994, the TNG crew made the jump to the big screen for Star Trek Generations. Featuring Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner), Star Trek Generations acted as a passing of the torch from the original Enterprise crew to the new one.

Star Trek: First ContactStar Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek: Nemesis would follow, all with varying degrees of success. Nemesis became the lowest-grossing Star Trek movie at the box office and ended the adventures of Captain Picard and his crew on a sour note. However, if Brent Spiner and Nemesis screenwriter John Logan had had their way, there would have been at least one more film for the TNG crew. In an interview with the official Star Trek Magazine, Brent Spiner spoke about this possible Nemesis sequel, saying:

“John [Logan] and I had a great story that would bring together all the captains, crews, and villains together at the same time. It was the Justice League of Star Trek, but Paramount decided it was too expensive a movie to make.”

In a different interview with the British magazine Dreamwatch, Spiner revealed even more about the plot of this mysterious Star Trek sequel. Read his full quote below:

“One of the ideas that John Logan and I had about what the next film would have been was a Justice League of Star Trek. Something would bring all the great Star Trek villains together, from Khan to Shinzon, and Picard is the only person who could stop them and he actually has to go through time and pluck out the people he needs to help him. He goes back to the moment before Data blows up and takes him back to get Kirk and Spock, and go even further back and get Scott Bakula’s character Archer. The problem with that more than anything is cost – how do you pay for that?”

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Data And The TNG Crew Got A Fitting Send-Off In Picard Season 3

But the door still remains open for more TNG stories.

Brent Spiner and John Logan’s idea for a sequel to Star Trek: Nemesis sounds amazing, and could have been a fitting send-off for the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It wasn’t until Star Trek: Picard season 3 that the mistakes made in Nemesis were fixed, and the original crew from TNG got a proper send-off. After his sacrificial death in Nemesis, Data was resurrected in Picard season 3, with an upgraded synthetic body complete with organic emotions. With the newly restored USS Enterprise-D (lovingly rebuilt by LeVar Burton’s Commodore Geordi La Forge), Data and the original TNG crew saved the galaxy yet again.

Picard season 3 ended, just like TNG had in its final episode, with Jean-Luc and his friends sitting down for a game of poker. While this serves as a lovely final moment for these characters, Picard season 3 also hinted that there could be more adventures to come. Although Star Trek: Legacy, which would presumably have followed Captain Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and the USS Enterprise-G, has long been rumored, nothing new has been said about the potential Picard spin-off. Patrick Stewart himself has expressed interest in playing Picard at least one more time, potentially in another big-screen adventure, and the crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation remains as popular as ever.

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