Joһn Wiсk Bowery Kinɡ Spinoff Proposed by Produсer: ‘Sometһinɡ Tһаt I’ve Alwаys Been Intriɡued Witһ’

John Wick producer Basil Iwanyk believes a Bowery King spinoff ‘could be really cool and really edgy.’

Laurence Fishburne as Bowery King in John Wick Franchise.


  • John Wick Producer Basil Iwanyk’s enthusiasm for the Bowery King’s world is palpable, as he sees potential in delving into themes of choice, identity, and survival against a backdrop of urban darkness and intrigue.
  • A potential Bowery King spinoff in the John Wick universe represents a step into uncharted territory, exploring the mysterious character and his world of unseen figures.
  • A Bowery King spinoff would allow for a shift in the franchise’s center of gravity, potentially providing a new anchor for the series with Laurence Fishburne’s acclaimed performance and personal investment in the character.

John Wick has distinguished itself in the action film genre, offering an experience that fuses intense action sequences with a richly textured underworld. The action genre has been revolutionized by the series, which also rose to the status of a cultural icon, drawing in fans who are ardently awaiting more. The latest buzz surrounding this franchise is particularly exciting, as producer Basil Iwanyk has hinted at a potential spinoff centered around Laurence Fishburne’s enigmatic character, the Bowery King.

The prospect of a Bowery King spinoff is not just another expansion in the John Wick universe; it represents a step into uncharted territory. The character, portrayed with a charismatic gravitas by Laurence Fishburne, has been a key figure in the franchise, providing crucial support to Keanu Reeves’ titular character. Yet, despite his significance, much about the Bowery King remains shrouded in mystery. This enigma, coupled with Fishburne’s compelling performance, makes the character an ideal candidate for a deeper exploration.

Per Screen Rant, Iwanyk’s enthusiasm for the Bowery King’s world is palpable. He sees potential in exploring the lives of those who choose to dwell in the shadows, the unseen figures who navigate the gritty underbelly of the city. Such a narrative promises to delve into themes of choice, identity, and survival, set against a backdrop of urban darkness and intrigue. This contrast to the more structured world of The Continental, as depicted in the films, offers a fresh perspective and a new kind of storytelling within the John Wick universe. Iwanyk revealed:

“I like the Bowery King a lot, and I like that world. We surface of who he is and who these men are and women, and why they do what they do. I think there’s something really cool about these people who make conscious choices to be in the shadows. And be the people that we look through every day when we walk down the street or we go, “Oh, this person wants money from me?” I think that’s a world that we haven’t touched yet, which I think could be really cool and really edgy and rough, dark. I don’t know, that is something that I’ve always been really intrigued with.

All the Bowery King group, they leave an impression on every movie that they’re in. Because there’s also the guys in The Continental, they’re like knights or samurai, it’s very formal. And the Bowery King people are crazy and fun and informal. And I think that’s a great… I don’t know, I have no idea what that world is, we’re making this up as we go along. But man, that world intrigues me a lot.”

The notion of a Bowery King spinoff also aligns well with the franchise’s current trajectory. With the release of The Continental: From the World of John Wick series in September 2023 and the upcoming Ballerina film starring Ana de Armas, the franchise is clearly in a phase of expansion and exploration. The success of these projects suggests that the audience’s appetite for the John Wick universe extends beyond the central storyline, welcoming new characters and narratives.

Shifting Dynamics: How the Bowery King Spinoff Could Redefine the John Wick Universe

Still from John Wick: Chapter 4.

Focusing on the Bowery King allows for a shift in the franchise’s center of gravity. With the future of Reeves’ involvement as John Wick still uncertain, Fishburne’s Bowery King could provide a new anchor for the series. Fishburne’s acclaimed career, including standout roles in The Matrix and Ant-Man and The Wasp, underscores his the capability to lead a franchise project. His portrayal of the Bowery King has already left a significant mark on the series, and a spinoff would only enhance this impact.

Fishburne has notably developed a personal affection for his character. In a discussion with Screen Rant, he highlighted his connection with the Bowery King, suggesting a willingness to explore the character further. This personal investment from the actor adds another layer of authenticity and excitement to the prospect of a spinoff.

“A spin-off of the Bowery King is kind of a mind-blowing idea. What would that even be? Where do you even start with that? I’ve heard that there’s a Continental [spin-off], that’s also another really interesting ideas. But yeah, man, I’m up for whatever.”

A Bowery King spinoff represents an opportunity to expand the John Wick universe in a direction that is both innovative and faithful to the series’ roots. It offers a chance to explore new themes and dynamics while capitalizing on the strength of an established character and actor. The essence of the John Wick series transcends mere action, delving into a world rich with unique rules, alliances, and strife. Delving into the world of the Bowery King would not only enrich this universe but also provide fans with a fresh and thrilling chapter in a beloved saga.

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