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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Hunts A Serial Killer In One Of Netflix’s Top Movies This Week

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Postcard Killings

When “The Postcard Killings” arrived in theaters back in 2020, we all turned our noses up at the idea of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a detective on the case of the serial killer who offed his daughter. “No, Jeffrey Dean Morgan,” we said, “we reject your offer of a trauma-propelled crime thriller,” and promptly bestowed on his ill-fated film a 38% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics were even more intolerant of this adaptation of James Patterson and Liza Marklund’s #1 New York Times bestselling thriller. “There just isn’t enough depth to the screenplay,” proclaimed Variety, while the LA Times accused the film of being “awkwardly pitched between serious art and pulp trash.” All of which resulted in an abject 24% critic score on RT. Despite the involvement of award-winning Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tanovic, then, “The Postcard Killings” was pretty much DOA.

So, you’ll probably be surprised to hear (or not if you’re aware that Netflix viewers will watch anything) that “The Postcard Killings” is currently having somewhat of a renaissance on Netflix. Yes, several years after Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s crime thriller failed to wow, well, anyone, we’ve all apparently had a change of heart and propelled the film to the number one spot on Netflix’s US viewing charts. How? Why? Well, this might be a case that’s a little too baffling for even Morgan’s detective Jacob Kanon to solve. But if you’re intrigued as to what on earth is going on here, read on for the full rundown.

The Postcard Killings’ Netflix renaissance

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Postcard Killings

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“The Postcard Killings” hit Netflix in January of 2024 and, according to streaming data aggregation site FlixPatrol, debuted in the number eight spot on January 27 — not bad considering the film’s theatrical performance. But what’s even more surprising than its auspicious streaming debut is that the movie then continued to climb the Netflix charts, hitting number two on January 28 before claiming the top spot on January 29.

How long Jeffrey Dean Morgan can cling to number one remains unclear, but this isn’t the first time a critical failure has wowed the Netflix crowds. Michael Fassbender’s historic flop “The Snowman” similarly dominated the streamer’s charts last year, as did Bert Kreischer’s “The Machine,” which received a stellar welcome when it hit Netflix in September of 2023 despite a rough critical reception following its theatrical debut.

What does this tell us about Netflix and/or “The Postcard Killings”? Well, it’s worth bearing in mind that Netflix has a dodgy history when it comes to its viewing metrics, but this might be yet another reminder that streaming audiences are a lot less discerning than those willing to venture out to the multiplex. Or perhaps it’s vindication for Morgan and what he and director Danis Tanovic may very well feel was an overlooked crime thriller. Whatever the case, if you like the sound of a New York detective heading across the pond to jolly old England to track down the killer who brutally murdered his daughter and son-in-law, then why not join in the “Postcard Killings” renaissance and stream away?

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