Is tһe Joһn Fury vs. Mike Tyson fiɡһt reаlly һаppeninɡ? Wһаt һаve tһe two former boxers sаid аbout tһe mаtсһup

During the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou pre-fight press conference, John Fury challenged Mike Tyson to a boxing match in case his son came up short against the Cameroonian. The ever-outspoken Englishman then boldly claimed he was up for a fight against the legendary heavyweight pugilist regardless of the outcome.

Over the years, Fury Sr. has emerged as one of the most popular personalities in the boxing world thanks to his unpredictable antics and brash persona. It’s also a well-known fact that John Fury named his son Tyson as an homage to Mike Tyson, who served as Ngannou’s trainer for his fight against the WBC heavyweight champion last weekend.

During the presser mentioned above, John Fury steam-rolled the activities at one point by loudly challenging Tyson. He said:

“Mike Tyson, the man I named my son after… Any man alive want to fight John Fury! I’m ready to go! Mike Tyson, what have you got to say to that? Me and you will fight straight after! Whatever the outcome, me and you will fight!”

While Fury issued his challenge, Mike Tyson laughed on and seemed amused by the 59-year-old’s speech. While he joked about Fury Sr. chasing him for “40 years,” the legendary heavyweight boxer later dismissed the idea of fighting John Fury in the boxing ring. When asked about John Fury’s callout, Tyson said:

“He’s out of his mind.”

While a fight between the two would undoubtedly be an entertaining spectacle, it’s highly unlikely to take place. Although Fury undeniably looked eager to share the boxing ring with Tyson, it’s unrealistic to assume a boxing commission would sanction such a bout, given their advanced age.

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