How lonɡ wаs Riсk in а сomа in Tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd? Explаined

The Walking Dead’s narrative starts with the main character emerging from a coma rather than the usual trope of showcasing a zombie outbreak. The hit adaptation of Robert Kirman’s comic series featured a huge cast of actors playing some of the most legendary characters on TV since its historic debut in 2010.

Rick Grimes, played by the iconic Andrew Lincon, who wakes up from a coma in the pilot episode of the show to horrors beyond his comprehension, is the character we will take talk about in this article. After waking up alone, Rick explores the hospital, only to discover that he is the only person in this hole and the world has been taken over by the walking dead.

From interviews and other hints, we can determine the precise amount of time that passed between Rick falling into a coma and his awakening, even though the show doesn’t divulge that specific detail.

How long did Rick Grimes spend in a coma In The Walking Dead?

Officer Rick (Andrew Lincon) and his partner Shane (Jon Bernthal) got caught up in a shooting in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead. Rick was struck in the shoulder and went unconscious, only to find himself in an abandoned hospital after waking up.

Viewers learn that Rick had fallen into a coma following the standoff from flashbacks that were disclosed during the first season. It is revealed in the web series episode “The Oath” that Dr. Gale Macones kept Rick alive while he was in a coma. Following the departure of fellow hospital staff members, the doctor remained to provide medical attention to those in need, who were all alone.

Dave Erickson, a former showrunner for Fear the Walking Dead, claims that Robert Kirkman stated Rick had been unconscious for four to five weeks.

“Robert has said for him, the coma, Rick was probably out four to five weeks…”

This seems plausible given the hints in the show itself like how Rick looks, him meeting Morgan Jones, and the condition of the flowers by his bed. In addition, the pilot episode of the show also suggested that Shane had been visiting Rick for a few weeks following his coma.

Before the release of “The Oath“, many viewers found it difficult to believe that Rick could have survived for weeks without any support. In the web series episode, it is shown that Doctor Gale was caring for Rick throughout his unconscious state.

Despite having seen a lot of violence and terrible deeds carried out by “the ones who live,” she seemed eager to assist others.

Another widely held belief is that Rick finally awakens from his coma as a result of dehydration following whatever happened to the doctor.

Whatever the case, Rick’s coma was crucial to the narrative of The Walking Dead. In contrast to the circumstances surrounding the spin-off, Fear the Waking Dead, the main series’ starting point was always a person who was unexpectedly thrown into the center of a literal apocalypse.

This is precisely what positions the series for success and distinguishes it as a unique addition to the ever-expanding zombie media. Fans can stream TWD and its critically acclaimed spin-offs on AMC and AMC+.

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