Hаs Wаlkinɡ Deаd’s Riсk Grimes Spinoff Just Sһown Tһe Frаnсһise’s True Villаin For Tһe Very First Time?

A new sneak peek of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live shows off new characters, possibly giving the first look at the franchise’s true villain.

A custom image featuring Rick Grimes in different The Walking Dead moments


  • The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live teaser suggests that Major General Beale, a ruthless leader, will be the main villain in the spinoff, posing a dangerous opposition for Rick Grimes.
  • Major General Beale’s influence is already well established in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, where he prioritizes scientific exploration and military duties over compassion, even ordering the wiping out of entire communities.
  • With his detached and unrelenting approach to enforcing rules and practices, Major General Beale is set to be the most powerful villain in The Walking Dead franchise, contrasting with Rick’s relentless drive to fight for his family.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live released another teaser and may have revealed who the franchise’s true villain is in the process. The much-anticipated Rick Grimes and Michonne spinoff centers around Rick’s time at the Civic Republic Military after being taken there by Jadis in The Walking Dead season 9. Following her own exit, Michonne embarks on a search for him, which The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live touches on too. While connecting fans with their relationship again, Rick and Michonne will seek each other out, all while Rick tries to defeat and escape from the CRM.

The latest The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live sneak peek includes several new characters, many of whom are clad in various military armor. This provides more insight into the CRM’s members. The Walking Dead: World Beyond offered the most in-depth look at how the CRM works and how its soldiers operate. Not only does the organization prioritize its own preservation through often brutal means, but it aims to stop reanimation through scientific means. Despite this, The Walking Dead: World Beyond shows the CRM’s more sinister behavior and how its leadership may not be as solely preoccupied with scientific advancement as it lets on.

The Walking Dead’s New Teaser May Have Debuted Major General Beale – Rick’s New Enemy

Major General Beale In The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live

In The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live‘s new sneak peek, Rick and Michonne are shown in their separation and search for each other, suggesting how the show’s arc will start. Rick stares at a sketch of Michonne on a phone screen while she hugs Rick’s boots. Although there have been minimal details about new cast members of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, excluding confirmation of characters like Lesley Anne Brandt as Pearl Thorne, this sneak peek confirms a major CRM villain already introduced in The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

The enigmatic and ruthless leader, Major General Beale, played by Terry O’Quinn (Lost) appears briefly in the sneak peek wielding a sword. Given that all the show’s promotional material has shown Rick in CRM-branded attire but searching for Michonne, it’s clear he’s not following the same loyalty as other CRM operatives. His escaping and being caught in the first teaser after The Walking Dead‘s ending already demonstrates that Rick will oppose the CRM, and by extension, Beale. So, although his appearance is fleeting in the teaser, Beale’s confirmed physical presence suggests a dangerous opposition for Rick.

What Walking Dead: World Beyond Has Revealed About Major General Beale So Far

Despite Major General Beale not being seen in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, his influence is already well established. In The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2, Jadis’ CRM involvement is expanded. She talks to Beale over a radio call and ensures she will retrieve the scientists. This conversation suggests Beale views the scientific exploration of the CRM as a priority since, based on Jadis’ responses, he is insistent this is rectified before plans to destroy Portland are resumed. However, Beale’s military focus is evident through sending additional troops to assist with the breach in security after Hope, Iris, and the others find out about the Portland plans and Huck’s defects from the CRM.

Moreover, Beale’s son Mason is a major conduit for information already revealed about Beale. In season 2, Mason befriends Hope and shares that his father disapproves because he favors science over military duties. This illustrates how combat and security are top priorities for Beale, who seems to associate them with honor and loyalty. Additionally, it’s shared that Beale is behind the orders to wipe out entire communities, such as Omaha. Therefore, his authority is strong enough to exact operations that evidently disregard human life.

Why Major General Beale Is The Walking Dead’s Most Powerful Villain Yet

Rick Grimes bloody in The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live

Major General Beale is not only a military official but also seemingly lacks compassion, as seen by his orders in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. By having a clear focus on sustainability and scientific advancement above all else, Beale arguably lacks the moral compass that could steer him away from unrelenting villainy. Unlike past The Walking Dead enemies who were more a product of the apocalypse, such as the Governor, Beale has a military background possibly from before the apocalypse. This could explain the more detached way of enforcing rules and practices, such as killing those threatening the CRM’s security without hesitation.

His relationship with his son is seemingly clinical, which further supports the notion that he makes decisions based on the goals of his organization and nothing more. Jadis’ obedient tone and passivity when talking to him over the radio also suggest that his power over his soldiers is extremely high since it indicates loyalty resulting from a stern and strict way of controlling operations. The combination of leading with fear and exacting apathetic mass destruction in the name of advancement sets up Major General Beale to be the franchise’s most powerful villain. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live can amplify his already cold and calculated approach with the contrast of Rick’s relentless drive to fight for his family.

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