Frаnсis Nɡаnnou Is tһe Bаddest Mаn on tһe Plаnet Surpаssinɡ Jon Jones аnd Tyson Fury – News Today

Frаnсis Nɡаnnou Is tһe Bаddest Mаn on tһe Plаnet Surpаssinɡ Jon Jones аnd Tyson Fury

Once the exclusive domain of heavyweight boxing legends, the title of ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ has taken a dramatic shift. Originally coined during the ferocious era of Mike Tyson, it was a moniker reserved for the most dominant heavyweight boxer. But as the fight game evolved, this prestigious title might have evolved with it.

Now, the heavyweight giants of MMA are just as eligible to lay claim to this fierce designation. While fans have long debated whether the likes of Tyson Fury or Jon Jones should inherit this mantle, a recent entrant may have unequivocally snatched the crown.

Recently, Francis Ngannou threw down the gauntlet against the unbeaten Tyson Fury in a boxing fight. The world watched in awe as these two powerhouses collided. And now, in the aftermath of Ngannou’s astonishing performance, it appears that the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ title may have found its new home.

Francis Ngannou’s stellar performance against Tyson Fury

On one side stood Tyson Fury, widely considered the unrivaled heavyweight boxing king of our era. On the other hand, the remarkable Francis Ngannou, a mixed martial arts juggernaut, made his debut in the boxing world. As the bell tolled and the punches began to fly, expectations were shattered. In a shocking turn of events, Ngannou sent Fury sprawling to the canvas with a powerful blow in the third round.

Fury, who had seemed invincible to many, was vulnerable. Ngannou continued to land strong punches, leaving Fury battered and bruised. However, Fury was able to hold his ground and land more punches in the entire fight. Moreover, ‘The Gipsy King’ endured more damage, with a swollen eye. Both fighters were looking quick on their feet and were getting the better of each other throughout the fight.

Ultimately, the judges’ verdict favored Fury, awarding him a controversial split decision. Yet, the real winner of the night was undeniably Ngannou. He defied the odds, going toe-to-toe with one of the era’s boxing greats, a feat few had believed possible.

Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou MMA record

When it comes to comparing the MMA records of Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, a tale of contrasting journeys unfolds. ‘Bones’, the UFC heavyweight champion, boasts an impressive 27 wins against just 1 loss. Meanwhile, ‘The Predator’, the former UFC heavyweight champion, has 17 wins with 3 losses.

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Jones’ resume includes an astounding 14 title fight victories, highlighting his unparalleled dominance in the UFC. Also, he is a two-time UFC light heavyweight and one-time UFC heavyweight champ. Ngannou, in contrast, has clinched the UFC heavyweight title once and defended it once.

What sets them apart even more is their methods of victory. Jones is known for his tactical prowess, with 10 wins by KO/TKO and 7 by submission, showcasing his versatility. Ngannou, however, has made his mark with devastating KO power, securing 12 KO/TKO victories and 5 by submission (with 9 fewer fights than Jon Jones).

While Jones holds a more extensive and pristine record, Ngannou’s reputation as a finisher is unquestionable. With his recent venture into the boxing world and an impressive showing against Tyson Fury, the heavyweight fighter is not just a knockout artist but a versatile fighter. His potential claim to the title of ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ grows stronger by the day, challenging Jones’s long-standing reign.

Francis Ngannou in WBC rankings?

Before his boxing debut, many believed that Francis Ngannou’s venture into boxing would be a one-time affair. However, after an astounding performance, ‘The Predator’ has earned himself a spot in the WBC rankings. Mauricio Sulaiman, the president of the WBC, confirmed that Ngannou’s boxing skills warranted a place in the top ten rankings of heavyweight boxers.

This move signifies that ‘The Predator’ is now in the same league as renowned names like Deontay WilderAndy Ruiz Jr., Anthony Joshua, and Dillian Whyte. Moreover, fans are now expecting a boxing bout between Wilder and the Cameroon-born MMA star. With such high-profile fights lined up, Ngannou can become the first fighter to have won UFC and WBC titles.

Former champ believes Francis Ngannou is ‘The Baddest Man of the Planet’

After almost securing a victory against ‘The Gypsy King’, many opinions about Francis Ngannou have changed! Earlier, very few MMA and boxing pundits believed in the possibility of ‘The Predator’ doing well in boxing. However, things have taken a 180-degree turn now.

Recently, former UFC double champ Daniel Cormier stated his belief that Francis Ngannou is ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’. “[It was] one of the most courageous and greatest performances I have seen by an athlete outside of their realm of expertise,” Cormier said.

“Guys, make no mistake about it, I believe this with 100 percent of myself. Everything I hold to be true in my life, Francis Ngannou is the baddest man on the planet. 100 percent, 1000 percent,” he added.

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