Feаr Tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd’s Colmаn Dominɡo Responds To Strаnd’s Endinɡ In Series Finаle

Fear the Walking Dead star Colman Domingo responds to Victor Strand’s ending during the series finale, and how he feels about the character’s arc.

Victor Strand looking out his truck window in Fear the Walking Dead season 8 episode 12

The article contains SPOILERS for the Fear the Walking Dead series finale.


  • Colman Domingo is happy with the way Victor Strand’s character arc ends in the Fear the Walking Dead series finale, as it provides a satisfying redemption story for the once villainous character.
  • Strand’s journey from a manipulative liar to a husband and father who helps save other survivors reflects his growth and development throughout the show.
  • Strand’s final scene, where he sees Madison in his side-view mirror, hints at a positive future for him and his family, providing hopeful closure to his storyline in Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead star Colman Domingo has responded to Victor Strand’s ending in the series, addressing how it reflects his character arc. The manipulative survivor held many roles throughout the show, from side character to core antagonist. However, season 8 ends with him finally happy with his husband and son, driving to parts unknown to help more people.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Domingo revealed his satisfaction with Strand’s fate in Fear the Walking Dead‘s ending. The actor said his story was one of redemption, and while he could have been killed after being season 7’s villain, it was satisfying to see him become a better person. Check out what Domingo had to say below:

I’m really happy the way that Strand has met his ending, because I wanted a good redemption story for him. That was a great, interesting journey for him, especially after being such a villainous person in season 7. I thought, ‘Well, where do you go from there? You either kill him off or he learns how to use all his superpowers of manipulation and twisting of the truths and being a con artist and being a brilliant, interesting character and you really let him see how he can do all that stuff for good.’

Domingo has played Strand since Fear the Walking Dead season 1, becoming the only actor to regularly appear in every season of the show.

How Strand’s Ending Completed His Character Arc

Victor Strand and Frank in Fear The Walking Dead season 8

When Strand was first introduced, he was a manipulative liar, only helping the group to achieve his personal goals and increase his chances of survival. Upon meeting Morgan in season 4, though, he began to help other survivors alongside everyone else. However, a conflict with the group leads him to become the tyrannical ruler of the Tower, serving as season 7’s antagonist. Season 8 reveals that, after his defeat, he ended up with a community at a hotel, where he became a husband and father.

He ends up helping to save PADRE in the show’s final episode, deciding afterward to help other survivors alongside his family. In his final scene, Strand finds a bluebonnet in his car and sees Madison in his side-view mirror. He becomes the only character to know she is still alive and uses this knowledge to brace himself for a positive future with his family.

By forging his path into the future, Strand is able to complete his long journey through Fear the Walking Dead. While this means it’s unlikely he’ll cross over into other Walking Dead shows in the future, it does provide a finality to his journey since the spinoff started. Whatever awaits him and his family going forward, the show indicates the journey ahead will be hopeful.

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