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Feаr tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd Series Finаle Endinɡ, Explаined

In what felt like the most disjointed season of the series, the show managed to give its fans a positive conclusion for some beloved characters.

Fear the Walking Dead cast with Kim Dickens as Madison wearing a black jacket, and Lennie James as Morgan with his stick.


  • The series finale of Fear the Walking Dead was filled with big moments and a rollercoaster of emotions, providing a positive conclusion for viewers.
  • Madison’s survival and Alicia’s return were implausible but worth it to see the two characters reunited.
  • Tracy, Madison, and Alicia agree to stick together and hit the road towards Los Angeles, helping anyone in need along the way.

Warning: Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead.The series finale of Fear the Walking Dead aired on Sunday, and it was a rollercoaster of emotions. In what was arguably the most disjointed season of the series, the show concluded with quite a few big moments after beginning the season with an eight-year time jump. Leading up to the finale, PADRE’s grasp on Madison (Kim Dickens), Morgan (Lennie James), and the rest of the group finally came to an end when the island’s leader, Shrike (Maya Eshet), was bitten by a walker and died. Vowing to turn PADRE into something better, the group does what they can to preserve the safety of the island and the children living there.

In the wake of Grace’s (Karen David) death at the end of the first half of the season, Morgan sets out with his daughter Mo (Zoey Merchant) to find Rick, which is the last viewers see of him. However, his current quest could indicate his possible involvement in the upcoming The Ones Who Live series set for release next year. The final half of the season kicked off with the return of Troy (Daniel Sharman), a character long thought dead since season 3, who threatens to take PADRE for himself.

After Troy takes over the hotel from Victor (Colman Domingo) and his newfound family, everyone eventually bands together to prevent Troy from stealing PADRE. During a subsequent firefight, Troy’s daughter Tracy (Antonella Rose) is lost before falling into the hands of Victor at PADRE. Madison and Daniel (Rubén Blades) make a deal with Troy to return Tracy along with her captor in exchange for peace. Their plans go awry when Victor escapes with Tracy, who now knows the location of PADRE, which threatens the island’s safety.

In an attempt to bride Madison, Tracy promises to show her where Alicia is, whom Madison believes is dead because of Troy. After they travel to the location, it’s quickly revealed to be a ploy meant to kill Madison. The walker in question was actually Tracy’s mother, Serena, who died helping people after she was inspired by Alicia’s actions. Blaming Alicia for Serena’s death, Troy vowed to kill her and anyone who he believed filled his wife’s head with false hopes.

Kim Dickens and Lennie James in Fear the Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead Rewrites The Rules in Walking Dead Universe With Its Series Finale

The series finale of “Fear The Walking Dead” deviated from the typical Walking Dead narrative, practically rewriting the franchise ‘rules.’

Tracy breaks away and finds her father, who then leads a horde of walkers to PADRE. However, along the way, his vehicle crashes and pins him inside, leaving Tracy to find help. She conveniently crosses paths with Madison, who detains the girl before finding Troy. The two grapple before finally making a deal.

Troy agrees to show her where his group is leading the horde in exchange for a face-to-face discussion with his daughter. After learning the horde’s location, the group kills many of them and leads the rest away. After tensions wane, Troy reveals he allowed his grief to consume him, which led him to kill Alicia for filling his wife’s head with nonsense. Realizing his mistake, he explains he and Tracy deserve a second chance at PADRE. While the others in the group agree, Madison does not. She kills him in front of everyone, justifying that it’s the best thing for PADRE.

As he’s dying, he reveals Tracy isn’t actually his daughter. When he killed Alicia, he says he took her daughter to replace what he lost when his wife died. Madison then seeks to find Tracy, who has now run away. When Madison eventually finds her, their discussion prompts Tracy to shoot her, believing her to be dead. However, the bullet was actually blocked by the St. Christopher medallion that belonged to Alicia and then Tracy that Madison had in her chest pocket. However, Tracy flees the scene before realizing Madison survived.

In retaliation for Troy’s death, his people drop a horde of walkers from a barge that infest the shores of PADRE. They also bomb the place, which forces those inside to find a way out. On the verge of death, Madison saves those on the island the same way she saved those at the Stadium in season 4. She leads the horde down into the fort, to the place where she was once held prisoner, opening gas tanks along the way, and lights them all on fire with a flare. Such an action allows everyone on the island safe passage out of PADRE.

fear the walking dead- Morgan
Fear the Walking Dead: Every Character Crossover

Lennie James crosses over from TWD to lead the spin-off series, Fear The Walking Dead, but he’s not the only one.

Alicia’s Return and Everyone’s Finale

After the explosion, Tracy digs Madison out of the fort’s rubble, having survived thanks to the oxygen tank she requires. Then, in the biggest reveal of the season, Alicia appears, whom Troy merely left for dead. Having heard the news of what happened at PADRE, Alicia arrives to bury her mother. After their unexpected reunion, their discussions reveal Alicia is not Tracy’s mother after all. Troy probably lied because he knew Madison would protect Tracy if she believed the girl was family.

In the wake of the island’s demise, PADRE becomes MADRE in honor of Madison, who everyone believes has died. Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) decide to rebuild the Sanctuary and search for the parents of PADRE’s stolen children. June (Jenna Elfman) travels back to Texas to visit her husband’s grave. Daniel is reunited with his cat, Skidmark, whom Alicia found while on the road. Victor and his family travel onward to help others after he sees Tracy, Madison, and Alicia in his side view mirror, holding back tears of joy, clearly thankful they’re all alive.

Deciding to stick together, Tracy, Madison, and Alicia agree to hit the road toward Los Angeles and help anyone who needs it along the way. Although the series felt rushed leading up to the finale, the final moments of the show managed to give viewers a positive conclusion. Alicia’s return and Madison’s survival, however implausible, was worth it to see the two reunited.

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