Ex-world һeаvyweiɡһt boxinɡ сһаmpion Mike Tyson sаys һis deаtһ is сominɡ ‘reаlly soon’ – News Today

Ex-world һeаvyweiɡһt boxinɡ сһаmpion Mike Tyson sаys һis deаtһ is сominɡ ‘reаlly soon’

Boxer Mike Tyson has said he believes his death is coming “really soon” as he also opened up about his feelings on money.

The former world heavyweight champion made the comments on the podcast Hot Boxin’ with therapist Sean McFarland.

Tyson said on the podcast: “Some people want to analyse their success, which is ridiculous.

“We’re all going to die one day, of course.

“Then I look in the mirror and I see those little spots on my face and I go ‘wow, my expiration date is coming close, really soon, what do you do with that, how do you think about that death thing?”

When Mr McFarlane said he did not worry about death, the boxing legend replied: “I’m not sweating it, I just want to die consciously.

“I don’t want to die screaming. I’ve heard the last rights of a lot of people – a lot of famous people – and they’re getting ready to die, and they leave this planet screaming.”

He added that “money doesn’t mean s*** to me” and said it does not provide the security people think it does.

“What is security?’ he said.

“I don’t know. When you put money in your bank and you get a cheque every week and you can live for the rest of your life, is that security?

“It doesn’t mean you won’t catch a disease, or get hit by a car”.

Tyson had his first professional bout in 1985, and went onto hold the record as the youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight title.

He later served time in prison after being convicted of rape and was released in 1995.

The podcast was not the first time that the ex-boxer has spoken candidly about death.

During a conference on psychedelics in Miami last year, Tyson revealed he had used Sonoran desert toad venom for psychedelic purposes, saying he felt like he “died” on his first trip.

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