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Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover Planned to Send the Doctor to Deep Space Nine

Fans were deprived of a second Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover, that would have sent the Doctor to Deep Space Nine.

Image of the Deep Space Nine crew in the background with Matt Smith's 11th Doctor in the foreground.


  • An aborted Doctor Who and Star Trek crossover would have featured the Doctor visiting Deep Space Nine, but it was cancelled due to licensing issues.
  • The crossover between the two franchises was highly anticipated by fans, and the success of a previous crossover between the 11th Doctor and Captain Picard made a sequel seem likely.
  • Fans were excited to see how the Doctor would interact with the crew of Deep Space Nine, and the potential for him to confront the Dominion would have been satisfying. However, licensing issues prevented this from happening.

A proposed Doctor Who and Star Trek crossover would have sent the Doctor to Deep Space Nine. In the early 2010s, IDW released a crossover that saw Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor meet Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise. The book was a hit with fans and critics, and IDW began plans for a follow-up, titled Domination. However, due to licensing issues, the series was scrapped early on, depriving fans of what could have been an epic crossover.

Rich Handley, a noted Star Trek comics historian, provided more details about the aborted crossover on his website. Details about the project were scarce, but it would have seen the Doctor arrive at Deep Space Nine. While the site did not specify which Doctor the series would star, two clues point towards it being Matt Smith. First, the crossover would have seen print in 2013, and Smith was still the incumbent at that time. Second, Domination would have involved companion Clara Oswald, who, while serving with Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor, also traveled with the 11th.

Deep Space Nine hangs in space with an eery orange glow, Sisko looks down from the Celestial Temple

Soon after, however, IDW lost the Doctor Who license to Titan, and the crossover was canceled.

Doctor Who and Star Trek Go Great Together

Star Trek TNG-Doctor Who

Doctor Who and Star Trek are two of the most popular science fiction franchises on the planet, and for years fans dreamt of a crossover between them, but such meetings were relegated to fan fiction. Finally, in 2012, IDW released Assimilation, which saw the Borg and the Cybermen team up to destroy the Federation. Captain Picard joins forces with the 11th Doctor, as well as Amy and Rory, to turn back the invaders. The book stunned fans by revealing that Kirk and Spock shared an adventure with Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor nearly a century earlier. This endeared the book to fans, excited to see the two franchises meet at last.

The runaway success of Assimilation seemed to guarantee a sequel, and Deep Space Nine would have been the perfect place to set it. The station is one of the most important outposts in the galaxy, positioned at the mouth of the only known stable wormhole, leading to the Gamma Quadrant. Deep Space Nine attracts a good number of visitors, and any one of them could be the perfect springboard to bring the Doctor to the station. While no information was given on who Domination’s antagonists would be, the title implies the Dominion. This fascist empire would have no doubt drawn the ire of the Doctor.

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How Would the Doctor Have Taken to Captain Sisko?

Image of Captain Picard and the 11th Doctor in the Tardis

For fans, part of Domination’s appeal would have been watching the Doctor interact withDeep Space Nine’s crew, some of whom have rougher edges than their counterparts on the Enterprise. How the Doctor would have taken to former revolutionary Major Kira or Doctor Bashir is anyone’s guess, and thanks to licensing issues, fans will never know. Likewise, fans have been deprived of watching the Doctor potentially put the Founders and the Vorta in their place, which would have been satisfying to read. While another Star Trek and Doctor Who crossover may be a pipe dream at this point, there are always possibilities—including the potential to go to Deep Space Nine.

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