Did Anotһer Wаlkinɡ Deаd Spinoff Alreаdy Solve Dаryl Dixon’s Biɡɡest Mystery From Seаson 1?

The Walking Dead has multiple spinoffs, some more connected than others, but 1 in particular may have solved one of Daryl Dixon’s season 1 mysteries.

Daryl Dixon On Radio With Carol In Daryl Dixon Season 1 Episode 5


  • Daryl Dixon’s spinoff may include a possible cameo from Morgan, as Carol’s radio call mentioned someone returning to Alexandria and Morgan announced he was heading there.
  • Morgan’s return to Alexandria could open up opportunities for other Walking Dead cameos in the spinoff.
  • While Morgan is a likely candidate, other characters such as Dwight or Michonne could also be the ones Carol was referring to on the radio call.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon raised a major question in season 1, and one other spinoff from The Walking Dead franchise may have already answered it. TWD‘s ever-expanding universe creates opportunity for crossovers and numerous Easter eggs, such as Dwight, Sherry, and Morgan’s move from the flagship show to Fear The Walking Dead, or the CRM’s confirmed presence in multiple spinoffs like The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Since the main show and Fear The Walking Dead concluded with some main characters in other spinoffs, speculation about cameos in upcoming shows began.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon originally may have been one of the least likely of the spinoffs to set up a possible future cameo since it’s set in France. However, in episode 5, Daryl received a radio call from Carol, and her garbled message confirmed someone returned to Alexandria. Naturally, whoever returned wasn’t clarified in the episode, but it facilitated a way for Daryl to connect back to the main show. Moreover, Carol’s main role in Daryl Dixon season 2 further establishes this. However, the character to which Carol was referring may have already been revealed.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.
8 Biggest Unanswered Questions After Daryl Dixon Season 1’s Finale

cThe story is far from over for Daryl. After The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season finale, there’s a number of questions for season 2 to answer.

The Walking Dead Already Revealed “Who Came Back” – It’s Morgan

Morgan has been searching for Rick since leaving Fear The Walking Dead


In Fear The Walking Dead‘s final season, Morgan made a radio call, addressing Rick, and mentioned he was heading for Alexandria to find him. This marked Morgan’s exit from Fear The Walking Dead and greatly raised curiosity about whether this meant he would reunite with Rick in the upcoming spinoff The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. Since Fear‘s final season started with a seven-year time jump, its position in The Walking Dead‘s timeline aligned with the main show.

Therefore, if Morgan had reached Alexandria by the time Daryl got to Maine in the past sequences in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, it’s highly possible that Carol was referring to him. Additionally, Carol and Morgan were fairly close during his time on the main show, so it would make sense his return would be of significance to her. Even more interesting, though, is that Morgan’s quest to find Rick links to Daryl’s original mission to do the same. Therefore, upon his expected arrival at Alexandria, Morgan would’ve asked about Rick, so Carol may have thought it was useful to let Daryl know the search for Rick was still on.

Morgan’s Return To Alexandria Would Set Up Other Walking Dead Spinoff Cameos

Morgan’s previous time on the flagship show could make other cameos easier to introduce in a spinoff

Morgan Carol Walking Dead

Given that most main show characters who didn’t move to a spinoff are still in Alexandria, Morgan’s return could allow more Walking Dead cameos. While it’s unclear when or if Morgan will be in any of the current or upcoming spinoffs, there are two plausible options. With the setup from Carol in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and the second season focusing on her, it’s possible audiences could see the gap from when she made the radio call to her scene in the finale, which showed her looking for Daryl. This could confirm Morgan’s return to Alexandria and include several of his past allies.

Alternatively, Morgan’s mission leading him to Alexandria as a starting point could feature in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. Because he’s searching for Rick, which mirrors Michonne’s mission, it would make sense for him to appear in Rick’s spinoff. The latter option is possibly less likely since both of The Ones Who Live protagonists are not in Alexandria and the limited series has a lot of ground to cover story-wise, like Rick’s CRM story, but it could work if isolated to one episode. Therefore, Morgan is crucial to future cameos from past characters still in Alexandria.

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Morgan Must Return In Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead Spinoff Show For 3 Major Reasons

After surviving the ending of Fear The Walking Dead, Morgan must return to the Walking Dead universe in Rick’s spinoff for three major reasons.

Which TWD Characters Could Have “Come Back” If Not Morgan Jones

There are other characters that Carol may have been talking about to Daryl

Despite Morgan’s narrative easily connecting him to the main show, Daryl’s spinoff, and The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, he isn’t the only possible character who could’ve “come back” to Alexandria. In Fear The Walking Dead‘s finale, each of the remaining characters split off into groups with different goals. Among these goals was Sherry and Dwight’s plan to return to The Sanctuary and rebuild it into a haven. Because of The Sanctuary’s proximity to Alexandria, it’s plausible Dwight might’ve gone back to Alexandria, perhaps for assistance or to re-establish an alliance. This would explain how Carol recognized whoever she was talking about on the radio to Daryl.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in Walking Dead
Rick Grimes & Daryl Dixon’s Reunion Is Inevitable, And This Walking Dead Detail Proves It

Daryl Dixon’s spinoff shares a similar premise to Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, supporting the idea of a future crossover between all TWD shows.

If not Dwight or Morgan, the obvious options would be Michonne or a potential threat. Michonne’s return would signal either Rick was found or not, both of which would be of interest to Daryl. This would depend on when The Ones Who Live‘s storyline takes place – between seasons 9 and 11 or after. Otherwise, Carol’s cautious tone during the radio call could suggest a new villain or past threat may have arrived. Potentially, Carol’s search for Daryl could partially be to seek help. Nevertheless, until The Walking Dead confirms it, Carol was most likely referring to Morgan in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, given his Rick Grimes plan.

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