Deаdpool 3 Will Finаlly Pаy-Off Tһe Coolest Line From Wolverine’s Worst Movie

Several Deadpool 3 details have already come to light, and a major recent reveal confirms that the MCU movie will pay off an epic Wolverine film line.

Custom image of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine looking at the Deadpool 3 logo.

Warning: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Deadpool 3!


  • New set photos reveal that Deadpool 3 will feature a payoff to a line from Wolverine’s worst movie.
  • Deadpool 3 set photos confirm the return of Sabretooth.
  • The presence of Tyler Mane’s Sabretooth in Deadpool 3 suggests that the film will explore events happening around the timeline of the first X-Men movie.

New set photos from Deadpool 3 reveal that the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie will finally pay off the best line from Hugh Jackman’s worst Wolverine film. Deadpool 3‘s star-studded cast is led by Jackman, who returns as Wolverine, and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool himself. After having said when Logan was released in 2017 that he was done with the role, Jackman ended up changing his mind and joining Reynolds for Deadpool 3. As the actor was adamant for years that Wolverine was in his past, Jackman must have been convinced to return by the promise that Deadpool 3‘s plot would hold many exciting elements for his character.

While a Deadpool 3 trailer is still a few months away, many interesting aspects of the film have already been revealed. An official set photo from Deadpool 3 revealed that Jackman will finally wear Wolverine’s classic yellow and blue costume from the comics in the movie. With many characters rumored for Deadpool 3, one of them has at least been reported to be in the movie — Jennifer Garner’s Elektra. Deadpool 3 set photos have also revealed that a major character who shares a connection with Wolverine is in the MCU film, and that will lead to the payoff to the best line from Wolverine’s worst movie.

Custom image of Deadpool looking shocked with his hands on his face and Deadpool looking at the camera side by side with a blue hue on the background.
10 Best Deadpool Quotes From Marvel Movies

Across both of his movies, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool has had several hilarious lines, but some have managed to stand a step above the rest.

Wolverine’s Return Pays Off X-Men Origins’ Coolest Line

Another Fox Marvel Character Is Also Coming Back

Wolverine and Sabretooth fighting in a whirlwind in in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Recent Deadpool 3 set photos revealed the return of Sabretooth in the movie. While it is currently unknown just how big of a role the villain will have in the movie, one of the Deadpool 3 set photos shows Jackman’s Wolverine — in his comic book-accurate yellow and blue suit — fighting Sabretooth and seemingly beheading the character. Another photo has Reynolds’ Deadpool holding Sabretooth’s severed head high by the mutant’s hair. Interestingly, the Deadpool 3 set photos not only confirm Sabretooth’s return but also that the MCU movie will pay off the coolest line from the disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

While X-Men Origins: Wolverine is commonly held as the worst of Jackman’s Wolverine movies, the prequel managed to deliver one of Logan’s best lines. In the movie, Liev Schreiber’s Victor Creed says to Logan, “Tell me something, Jimmy. Do you even *know* how to kill me?” Wolverine then responds by saying, “I’m gonna cut your goddamned head off. See if *that* works.” Deadpool 3 is making good on Wolverine’s promise 14 years later, with the X-Men member separating Sabretooth’s head from his body. However, there is a catch, as the Sabretooth that appears in the Deadpool 3 set photos is not Schreiber’s.

Why The Original Sabretooth Is In Deadpool 3

Tyler Mane Played Sabretooth in 2000’s X-Men

Wolverine and Sabretooth in Deadpool 3 and the X-Men Movies

The Sabretooth in the Deadpool 3 set photos is the version of the character from Fox’s first X-Men movie, with Tyler Maine seemingly back in the role. While there have not been many official details about Deadpool 3‘s story, rumors about the movie’s plot are that the film will see many events happening around the timeline of the first movie in Fox’s X-Men franchise. The presence of Mane’s Sabretooth is another tease in that direction, with the actor coming back presumably as Victor Creed from 2000’s X-Men. Alternately, Jackman’s Wolverine in Deadpool 3 will be a variant, so it stands to be seen how it will all work out.

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