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CRM’s Zombie Herding Method Teased In New Walking Dead: Ones Who Live Video

The CRM’s zombie herding method gets teased in a new The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live video, hinting at how the massive group utilizes them.

A zombie growing next to Rick Grimes looking at Major General Beale in The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live


  • A new teaser for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live shows the CRM herding zombies, reflecting their mysterious goals.
  • The CRM’s zombie experiments and their goals are still shrouded in mystery, though they are seemingly trying to slow or stop the turning process.
  • The upcoming spinoff will likely explore the CRM’s cure experiments and their impact on the story.

A new video from The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live teases the CRM’s herding method for the undead. The upcoming spinoff series follows Michonne’s mission to rescue Rick Grimes from the massive group, where he’s been held captive for many years. Other promotional material for the series show Rick being forced to kill hordes of zombies for the larger group.

Now, The Walking Dead has released a short teaser ahead of The Ones Who Live‘s release, showing how the CRM herds their zombies.

The video shows a few Walkers growling and snapping their jaws behind a fence, with many more shambling up behind them. It appears the massive group is coralling them into one location on purpose, reflecting their mysterious goals.

How The CRM Has Been Dealing With Walkers

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and CRM soldiers in Walking Dead

The CRM’s most prominent appearance in the franchise was in the spinoff The Walking Dead: World Beyond, where the group was revealed to be working on the zombie test experiment Project V. This involves using gas to try and slow or halt reanimation, using survivors designated as “A” for the experiments. Those designated “B” by the group were brought in for other unknown reasons, likely to join the group given Rick’s circumstances as a captive.

Because there is still plenty of mystery surrounding the group, it’s unclear what their zombie experiments fully entail. However, Rick is shown to be killing Walkers in promos for the show, meaning those who have already turned may not be of use to the organization. However, it’s also possible the zombies killed are being analyzed to see if they can assist with creating a cure.

It appears the CRM’s experiments will be explained in further detail once The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live airs. For now, it’s only clear that they are working to combat the zombie virus to some capacity, though it’s unclear how much success they’ve seen by the time the new spinoff picks up. It’s likely the group’s cure experiments will be a key factor in the show, perhaps influencing the story as Michonne tries to bring Rick home.

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