“Bunсһ of Bulls**t”: After Flyinɡ to Polаnd Just to Buy 100 Piɡeons, Mike Tyson Reveаls а Fасt Even Enсyсlopediа Got “Wronɡ” About His Obsession

It nearly seems impossible for someone like Mike Tyson to be an avian enthusiast. But as is the tradition in a sport like boxing, fighters aren’t necessarily the same as most fans imagine. However, Mike’s love for pigeons is as famous as his boxing prowess in the ring. Renowned for his unconventional connection with these feathered creatures, Mike Tyson has challenged the very foundation of avian knowledge.

In a surprising twist of events, the former heavyweight champion, who took solace in the presence of pigeons during the harshest time in his life, went to Poland just to buy 100 pigeons. So, it’s safe to say Mike knows a thing or two about pigeons and their behavior. It led to him recently asserting that a long-standing fact about pigeons, as documented in encyclopedias, is fundamentally flawed.

Mike Tyson claims pigeons cheat on their partners

While appearing in an interview with ES News, the reporter enthusiastically asked Mike to fact-check him about a few things he recently learned. The first fact: “Once a pigeon has a mate, they stay with them for the rest of their life.” Immediately, Mike responded by claiming that pigeons aren’t always faithful. He stated, “They will still cheat!” The reporter then revealed that he read that fact in an encyclopedia, asking Mike to talk about the matter further.

So, Mike boldly suggested that the information in the encyclopedias is incorrect. “Encyclopedia is wrong…they have other women too,” said Mike Tyson. He proceeded to claim that anyone who has raised pigeons would argue against what is written in the encyclopedias. “Anybody who raised pigeons would say, what you just said to me is a bunch of bulls**t,” said Mike.

‘Iron’ Mike’s 6K miles trip to Polish village for pigeons

Mike’s love for pigeons is no secret, a love for which he is willing to travel thousands of miles. Mike once revealed that one of his girlfriends had caught and cooked a pigeon, but he could not bring himself to eat it. The fact is Mike spent his childhood years alongside these feathered creatures he is in love with, which also brings him peace.

After Becoming a Little Gofer as a Kid, Mike Tyson Still Shares a Unique Bond With Pigeons

So, Mike traveled 6,000 miles to Piatnica Poduchowna, a remote village in Poland, to buy 100 pigeons. During his visit, the former champion surprised the 1800 inhabitants of the village by buying those 100 pigeons from a local dealer. What’s more, Mike is not a stranger in the village, as his face is plastered over one of the energy drinks popular in the area.

Mike’s love for pigeons has given him a deeper knowledge of the birds. It also led him to challenge a fact about the birds documented in encyclopedias. Did you know about the surprising fact about the feathered creatures? Were you surprised to learn about the fact revealed by Mike?

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