A Sneak Peek into The Walking Dead Season 11 Finale Alternate Ending: ‘RJ and Judith Grown Up’ Analysis – News Today

A Sneak Peek into The Walking Dead Season 11 Finale Alternate Ending: ‘RJ and Judith Grown Up’ Analysis

The Walking Dead fans were recently treated to a glimpse of an alternate ending for the show’s Season 11 finale. In the alternate ending, viewers get to see an older version of two main characters, RJ and Judith. The reveal has sparked excitement amongst fans, who are eager to see how the characters have aged and evolved.

RJ is the son of Rick Grimes and Michonne, while Judith is the daughter of Rick and his former partner, Lori. The characters have grown up amidst the chaos of a zombie apocalypse, and seeing them as older individuals provides a fascinating glimpse into their future.

The alternate ending was shared by the show’s official Twitter account, accompanied by a breakdown of the scene. In the video, RJ is seen sporting a beard and a flannel shirt, giving off a more mature and rugged vibe. Judith, on the other hand, maintains her tough and independent demeanor, dressed in fighting gear.

Fans have been buzzing with speculation about what this alternate ending could mean for the future of The Walking Dead. Some believe that it could be a preview of a potential time jump in the show, while others suggest it could be a glimpse into the characters’ dreams or visions.

Overall, the alternate ending featuring an older version of RJ and Judith has generated excitement and intrigue among fans of The Walking Dead. As the show’s Season 11 finale approaches, viewers are eagerly anticipating how the characters’ storylines will unfold and what the future holds for them in the zombie-infested world.

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