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8 Biggest Reveals From The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Trailer

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live trailer drops eight important reveals about the next chapter for Rick and Michonne in the Walking Dead universe.



  • Rick is unaware of his son RJ’s existence, indicating he has not kept himself informed about his family since his “death.”
  • The writing on Rick’s phone, “believe a little bit longer,” gives hope for a reunion with Michonne.
  • The return of Jadis suggests she may hold significant power within the CRM and cannot be swayed by Rick and Michonne.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live dropped a number of interesting reveals about Rick and Michonne’s next adventure in the Walking Dead franchise. Years after their respective exits in the main show, Rick and Michonne are on track to make their long-awaited returns to the franchise. Following along with what their Walking Dead series finale cameos set up, the two look to be on a collision course with the CRM.

Having appeared across multiple Walking Dead shows, The CRM has long been depicted as the overarching villains of the franchise. After serving as the main antagonists of The Walking Dead; The World Beyond, the CRM is shaping up to get the same role in Rick and Michonne’s spinoff. As for what their upcoming battle will entail, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live trailer has offered a glimpse into the challenges to come for both sides.

8 Walking Dead Confirms Rick Doesn’t Know About RJ

Walking dead rick michonne RJ Judith

Rick’s monologue in the trailer confirms what was already suspected of Rick’s knowledge regarding his family. After Rick’s supposed “death” in season 9 and the accompanying time skip, it was revealed that Michonne had given birth to a son, RJ. Rick mentioning his “wife” and “daughter” but making no reference to RJ makes it clear that Rick still isn’t aware that he has more than one living child to get back to in Alexandria. This should erase any speculation concerning the possibility that in spite of the great distance, Rick has found ways to keep himself informed of the goings-on back home.

7 What The Message On Rick’s Phone Means

Rick iPhone message in The Walking Dead with images and text scrawled on it

The significance of the writing on the phone Michonne found in The Walking Dead season 10 was made evident in the trailer. A new character told Michonne that the Japanese words meant “believe a little bit longer.” This wasn’t really a secret, but the context of the scene puts the full meaning in perspective. It’s spoken to Michonne to give her hope that she’ll eventually reunite with Rick if she keeps believing. It can be assumed from this that the message meant essentially the same thing to Rick while he was being kept away from his family.

6 Jadis Finally Returns To The Walking Dead

Jadis in Walking Dead Ones Who Live

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live trailer briefly previewed the return of Jadis, a major Walking Dead villain last seen in World Beyond. The addition of Polyanna McIntonish to the cast makes this the third show to feature Jadis. As for what it will offer her story, it’ll likely pick up where World Beyond left off; having removed Kublek from power, Jadis has most likely risen up the ranks further. If so, the power she holds at the CRM could be greater than what was in her previous Walking Dead appearances. And if her actions on behalf of the CRM in World Beyond are any indication, she’s not someone Rick or Michonne can count on swaying to their side.

Ship in Walking Dead Ones Who Live

Seen at the beginning of the trailer was a wrecked ship labeled “safe harbor.” Based on the sign, the wreckage of the ship serves as the headquarters of a new community in The Walking Dead franchise. Members of this new group may or may not be the same people in Michonne’s company in the footage. In addition to the ship possibly providing Michonne a place to return to whenever she needs to take shelter or rest, the new location can grant Michonne some much-needed help in the fight against the CRM. There’s no question that the CRM is too massive for any two Walking Dead characters to beat on their own.

4 Rick Isn’t The Only One Trying To Leave The CRM

Thorne in Walking Dead Ones Who Live

An exchange with someone named Thorne teased one of the new characters Rick will interact with in The Ones Who Love. A woman in a CRM uniform is seen telling him, “Thank you, Grimes. You showed me I can’t get away.” Judging by this remark, Rick is far from alone in wanting a way out of the CRM. It appears Thorne, someone he may work with, shares his sentiments but has since decided that walking away from the CRM is an unrealistic scenario. Rick’s failed escape attempt in The Walking Dead series finale may be what facilitated that impression.

3 Walking Dead Implies A Connection Between The CRM & Operation Cobalt

helicopter shoots building in Walking Dead Ones Who Live

Arguably the most interesting moment in the trailer stems from the bombings. The destruction of the buildings can be recognized as shots from The Walking Dead season 1, which featured the military’s efforts to blow up Atlanta. In The Walking Dead universe, this was a wide-scale operation called Operation Cobalt that was designed to eliminate the virus by bombing cities housing large numbers of infected people. Obviously, it didn’t work, as the zombie outbreak spread regardless. As for what this has to do with The Ones Who Live, it’s long been believed that the CRM grew out of the U.S. military.

After all, it’s not hard to believe that people involved with The Walking Dead’s Operation Cobalt are now with the CRM. It even fits with the CRM’s current modus operandi; similar to those who must have thought bombing cities was the best way to solve their problems, the CRM has repeatedly risked mass casualties through bombs and other travesties to do what they think is best for their future.

2 Rick Comes Face To Face With The CRM’s Leader

Major General Beale looking at Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live trailer

The trailer introduces Terry O’Quinn’s new Walking Dead character, General Beale, who was established as the leader of the CRM in World Beyond. Ever since, it’s been assumed that the character would become the main villain of Rick’s next story. Apparently, that is indeed the direction The Ones Who Live will take. The trailer shows Walking Dead’s General Beale saying to an unintimidated Rick, “Why are you here? Are you here to kill, or are you here to die?” Their conversation implies that at some point or another, Rick will willingly stay with the CRM, but with mysterious motives. It’s possible that his plan will be to bring down General Beale.

1 The Walking Dead Is Bringing Back World Beyond’s Project V

Michonne running from a CRM gas attack in The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live

The yellow gas being used as a chemical weapon at the end of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live trailer signals that the CRM will be implementing Project V. First discovered in World Beyond by its cast of characters, Project V was a scheme concocted by the CRM that involved them deploying a lethal gas to wipe out entire communities. Their genocidal actions led to the eradication of the Campus Colony and Omaha communities. It would seem that the events of the spinoff will culminate in the CRM falling back on this murderous tactic.

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