7 Biɡɡest Questions Feаr Tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd Must Answer Before Tһe Series Ends – News Today

7 Biɡɡest Questions Feаr Tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd Must Answer Before Tһe Series Ends

Before Fear the Walking Dead can come to its ultimate conclusion, the series needs to answer these questions that have been left hanging all season.

Madison in Fear The Walking Dead season 8

This article contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead season 8.


  • Fear the Walking Dead season 8 must bring closure to the long-running rivalry between Madison and Troy, leaving viewers satisfied with the series finale.
  • The fate of Alicia, whether she is alive or dead, needs to be explained in Fear the Walking Dead season 8, along with her possible encounter with Troy.
  • Fear the Walking Dead’s series finale should reveal whether Victor Strand has truly redeemed himself or if he will prioritize his own survival over making a sacrifice.

As Fear the Walking Dead nears its series finale, there are various major questions that need answering, and hopefully, the last episode won’t leave audiences hanging. Fear the Walking Dead is a spinoff of The Walking Dead, and has aired for a total of eight seasons since 2015. The eighth and final season is currently airing on AMC, and at this time, has only two episodes left before it ends for good. So far, Fear the Walking Dead season 8 has centered on the fight to protect PADRE, and furthermore, Madison’s attempts to achieve closure with her children and seek revenge for their tragic fates.

Like any final season of a show, Fear the Walking Dead season 8 has to come up with a clear and satisfying ending. The key to doing this successfully is answering each of the audience’s burning questions. When it comes to Fear the Walking Dead season 8, there are actually quite a few major mysteries that need solving before the series ends. These questions almost all have to do with the fates of certain characters, which have either been left a mystery, or were never fully described. All in all, giving answers to these big questions will likely leave viewers pleased with the Fear the Walking Dead series finale.

Will Madison Clark Finally Kill Troy Otto?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 7

Since Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 7 first aired, there have been countless theories about how Madison and Troy’s long-running rivalry will finally come to an end, and the series finale must answer that question. In episode 7, Fear the Walking Dead’s Troy Otto returns from the dead after not being on the show since season 3. Troy is not only still feeling vengeful toward Madison, but he also has his eyes set on PADRE. Ultimately, Troy’s return automatically makes him the new villain of Fear the Walking Dead season 8, and the remainder of the season has been dedicated to protecting PADRE from his advances.

So, the question remains: will Madison kill Troy by the end of Fear the Walking Dead season 8? At this point, their rivalry could go in many different directions. There is the possibility that Madison will kill Troy for good, however, it could also be that Troy kills Madison once and for all. Furthermore, there is also a chance that something entirely different could happen between Madison and Troy. For example, there are many theories that Troy will receive a redemption arc by the end of season 8, which means perhaps no one will have to die. Either way, Fear the Walking Dead must bring their feud to an end.

Is Alicia Alive After Fear The Walking Dead Season 7?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 15

Alicia from Fear the Walking Dead sitting alone in the desert, her backpack beside her.

Another massive question posed by Fear the Walking Dead season 8 is whether Alicia is still alive. At the end of Fear the Walking Dead season 7, Alicia seemed to be on her deathbed, infected by a walker and stranded. However, just as she seems like she is going to perish, Alicia wakes up, and finds herself miraculously cured of the bite. She then decides to return to the Tower and bring anyone she can to safety. That is the last time audiences see Alicia, as she doesn’t appear in the season 7 finale or in any of Fear the Walking Dead season 8. So, what happened to Alicia?

Though it would be nice to assume that Alicia is as alive as she seemed in season 7, her fate is not so assured. This is because in Fear the Walking Dead season 8, Troy claims that he killed Alicia himself, and proves it by touting her prosthetic arm. It is unclear whether Troy is telling the truth, and in this way, Alicia’s fate is entirely unknown. Therefore, Fear the Walking Dead needs to explain what happened to Alicia after season 7, whether she is alive or dead, and how exactly she and Troy might have come into contact in the meantime.

Can Victor Strand Finally Redeem Himself?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 7

Victor Strand looking serious in Fear the Walking Dead season 8

Fear the Walking Dead season 8 has brought back many characters, including the morally gray Victor Strand. Throughout the series, Strand has been considered something of a con man, who isn’t easily trusted and is known to switch alliances for his own gain. However, when he returned after the time jump in season 8, part 2, there were hints that he might have changed his ways. Ultimately, Fear the Walking Dead’s series finale needs to reveal whether this is true. The final episode needs to show Strand’s true colors by putting him in a tough situation where he could either save himself or make a sacrifice.

How Did Madison & Alicia “Kill” Tracy’s Mother?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 10

Tracy Fear the Walking Dead

One of the more recent questions Fear the Walking Dead has raised is how Madison and Alicia were responsible for killing Tracy’s mother. In Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 10, Madison demands that Tracy, Troy’s daughter, tell her what happened to Alicia. Rather than doing that though, Tracy tricks her into going into a herd of walkers. The one that Madison thinks is Alicia is actually Tracy’s mother. Tracy says, “She saw you and Alicia. She believed what you believed. That’s why she’s dead…It killed her, just like it killed your kids.

Ultimately, Tracy’s accusations are pretty vague, and in this way, Fear the Walking Dead must clarify how Madison and Alicia caused the death of Tracy’s mother. While it seems like it could have been some sort of philosophical issue, like Tracy’s mother shared the same beliefs as Madison and that got her killed, it isn’t entirely clear. Hopefully, the final episodes of the series can be more direct about whether Madison truly killed Tracy’s mother, or if Tracy’s accusations are misguided.

Will Fear’s Cast Finally Rendezvous With Alexandria?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 6

Lennie James as Morgan in Fear The Walking Dead season 8

Since Fear the Walking Dead is coming to an official close, many are wondering whether the series will return to Alexandria, where the franchise all began, especially since Morgan was last seen heading there. At this point, Fear the Walking Dead is mostly located in Georgia, specifically around the Savannah area. Namely, this is where PADRE is being protected. However, because these are the final episodes, there is a chance that Fear the Walking Dead’s cast could meet up with those in Alexandria for one final reunion. This would definitely help create a satisfying end, and the numbers might be necessary to defeat Troy.

What Happened To Fear TWD’s Missing Main Characters?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 15

Sarah standing beside Wendell on Fear the Walking Dead.

A question that Fear the Walking Dead has only vaguely answered is what happened to Sarah, Wendell, and Mo. All three characters have been absent from Fear the Walking Dead season 8, part 2, and a more obvious explanation about their fates would be appreciated. Though Mo went with her father, Morgan, to Alexandria, it would be great to see the pair one more time. On the other hand, Sarah and Wendell have a much more precarious situation. Strand mentioned that some of Morgan’s group perished, and it was never revealed whether the duo were part of that group. Fear the Walking Dead must clarify their fates.

What Will Happen To PADRE After Fear The Walking Dead Ends?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 12

The PADRE island in Fear the Walking Dead

Finally, Fear the Walking Dead must reveal what will happen to PADRE after the series ends. At this point, PADRE is at the center of everything, and depending on who wins the upcoming battle, the fate of PADRE will be different. If the facility gets into Troy’s hands, who knows what he will do with it. Meanwhile, if Madison succeeds at protecting it, will it go on as it always has? Because PADRE is the epicenter of Fear the Walking Deadthe series finale must give a peek into the government facility’s future.

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