Tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd: Doсtor Disseсts Deаtһ of Steven Yeun’s Glenn in Exсruсiаtinɡ Detаil

How authentic is the death of Steven Yeun’s character Glenn from The Walking Dead? One doctor has given his opinion on the matter.

The Walking Dead Glenn's Death Negan


  • The death of Glenn in The Walking Dead remains a haunting and unforgettable moment for fans due to its graphic depiction and emotional impact.
  • A recent video by emergency room physician Dr. Jordan Wagner analyzes the medical accuracy of Glenn’s death scene, highlighting the potential injuries and trauma involved.
  • The controversy surrounding Glenn’s death stems from its suddenness, graphic nature, and the show’s history of deceptive character deaths, leading to debates over shock value and storytelling choices.

Fans often grapple with the unexpected end of a key character in an enduring TV show. But when that death is graphically depicted, it can be the stuff of nightmares. One such unforgettable moment was Glenn’s heart-wrenching death in Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

The series, which aired its final episode last year, has borne witness to countless characters meeting grim fates over its 11 seasons. However, Steven Yeun‘s portrayal of Glenn and his tragic demise remains etched in the memory of fans as one of its darkest chapters.

Recently, the morbid fascination surrounding this particular death was given a fresh perspective. In a video released on the Doctor ER YouTube channel, emergency room physician Dr. Jordan Wagner took an analytical lens to Glenn’s gruesome death scene, weighing in on the medical accuracy of the scene and the implications of the head trauma inflicted.

With a discerning eye, Dr. Wagner details the moments when Negan, portrayed chillingly by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, swings his bat down on Glenn. He remarks,

“Big mallet, piece of wood, crushing somebody’s skull. Could it actually happen with enough continuous blunt trauma and force? Yes.”

As the scene unfolds with Glenn’s eye bulging from the impact, Wagner continues, “Quite impressive that we actually see the eyeball protruding out… Manage the individual, airway, breathing, circulation, you probably need to go on a ventilator…” Addressing the alarming sight of Glenn’s injured eye, he sheds light on a condition called retrobulbar hematoma – a blood-filled pocket that can form behind the eye, leading to its displacement.

The Walking Dead Glenn's Death Negan
The Walking Dead Creator Reveals Glenn’s Original Fate Prior to Meeting Negan & That Brain-Bashing Baseball Bat

TWD creator gave Glenn a stay of execution in the comics, but nothing could save him from Negan’s skull-crushing Lucille in the end.

The Walking Dead Realities: Glenn’s Death Through a Medical and Narrative Lens

Walking Dead Shot Death Scenes for All of Negan's Possible Victims

Medically, the most alarming risk in traumatic incidents often pertains to brain damage. Dr. Wagner touches upon the possibility of damage to Broca’s area, a section of the brain responsible for speech, which could potentially leave the individual speechless. He further paints a vivid picture of the grisly reality faced in ERs, mentioning, “When you actually have just brain matter, it’s actually just grayish white.”

Dr. Wagner’s in-depth analysis underscores the medical facets of Glenn’s death, but it can’t mute the emotional upheaval viewers experience. The Walking Dead had seen a slew of character losses before even reaching its seventh season. However, Glenn’s passing struck a raw nerve in a way none other did. A stalwart from the show’s inception, Glenn’s evolution from a naive youth to a competent defender in the post-apocalyptic world was admirable. His untimely end, particularly the visceral nature of it, was a jarring contrast to the character’s heart and heroism.

Perhaps, it was this culmination of character arc, the suddenness of his death right after Abraham’s, and the almost voyeuristic detail of his death that ignited controversies. Many opined that the show had crossed a line, leaning heavily into shock value, a sentiment exacerbated by the deceptive “death” of Glenn in Season 6.

The Walking Dead leaves a grand legacy, with its undeniable power to deeply move its audience. The narrative of Glenn’s death showcases the eerie resemblance of fictional tales to our perceptions of reality.

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