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12 Things We’re Hoping To See In Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead Show, The Ones Who Live

Rick Grimes will return to The Walking Dead universe alongside Michonne and there are many things that would be great to see included in The Ones Who Live. Rick’s departure in season 9 left the series without its protagonist for five years, making his upcoming return even more exciting. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live teases a dark Rick Grimes return, but just having the character back will be a massive boost for the franchise. In addition, a fan favorite like Michonne also coming back to the series not only gives the spinoff extra anticipation but provides The Walking Dead new life.

Spinoff shows look to be the future of the franchise, with The Ones Who Live becoming the third spinoff since the main show ended. While Dead City and Daryl Dixon reviewed well and featured some of the series’ most popular characters, Rick and Michonne’s spinoff takes this to a whole new level. Not only is Rick Grimes arguably the most important character in The Walking Dead, but his long absence makes this one of the biggest returns in the franchise. With The Ones Who Live having a lot of pressure on it, there are some things the spinoff should include to maximize its chances of success.

12 Meaningful New Characters

The Ones Who Live Will Hopefully Introduce New Important Survivors

Matt Jeffries as Nat holding a lighter in The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live trailer

Dead City was somewhat guilty of failing to introduce memorable new characters outside its main villain. Thankfully, Daryl Dixon redeemed this shortcoming with several characters that could be important beyond the spinoff. The Ones Who Live should do the same and try and make more than just its villains memorable. This could be a CRM member who winds up helping Rick, a companion Michonne meets while trying to save the series protagonist, or someone else entirely. Whatever characters are introduced must play a major role in the story alongside Rick and Michonne, and The Ones Who Live would benefit from including new major characters who leave a lasting impression.

11 The Walking Dead: World Beyond’s Characters Playing A Role In Rick’s Escape

The Walking Dead Has Already Introduced Characters Who Could Help Save Rick

Elton, Hope Bennent, and Iris Bennet holding weapons in an abandoned town in TWD: World Beyond

The Walking Dead: World Beyond ended with most of its main characters surviving and this could allow them to play a role in Rick’s escape. While it was far from the best-received project in The Walking Dead universe, the spinoff did introduce the CRM and showcased plenty of characters who oppose them. Although there are several different places the CRM operates, some of World Beyond‘s central characters could play a part in helping Rick escape. It would be a perfect way to pay off some of the spinoff’s ideas and give some of the show’s survivors closure with the possibility of them sacrificing their lives, offering Rick a chance at freedom.

10 The Return Of Carl Grimes

Chandler Riggs Could Reprise His Role Through Hallucinations

The death of Carl Grimes was one of The Walking Dead‘s most controversial moments, and while it may never be fully redeemed, The Ones Who Live is the best opportunity to try and make up for the botched death. Rather than completely forgetting Riggs’ character, Rick’s spinoff could feature Carl heavily throughout a single episode, or sporadically throughout the series as a hallucination. Carl Grimes’ Walking Dead return would boost viewership and give closure to the character. It also offers the chance to revisit Rick’s repeated hallucinations, adding to his mental trauma. Carl could act as a moral compass for Rick and be the motivation to return to Michonne and his children.

9 Cameos From The Main Group

Cameos From Some Long-Term Survivors Would Make The Ones Who Live More Exciting

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) looking into the distance next to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) with a beard in The Walking Dead

Featuring main characters from The Walking Dead in The Ones Who Live would add even more hype to the show. Carol appeared at the end of Daryl Dixon, which instantly added anticipation for season 2. Rick’s spinoff could follow this same format or find more clever ways to add some of Rick’s former allies. Morgan’s Walking Dead return coming in Rick’s spinoff would make sense for the character, and it would be a huge moment to see them reunite once again.

It would be equally interesting if Michonne came across Morgan, and they teamed up to help free Rick. Other characters like Carol and Daryl could also feature in hallucinations or the likes of Ezekiel could meet with someone from the CRM. There is a lot of potential main show additions that would make the spinoff more exciting, and it would be great to see some familiar faces joining Rick’s spinoff, regardless of if they actually reunite with Rick or not.

8 Hints Of A Cure To The Zombie Virus

Other Walking Dead Shows Have Hinted At A Potential Cure

Alexa Mansour as Hope Bennett and zombie cure in Walking Dead World Beyond

Although the CRM are being positioned as the next big enemy group in The Walking Dead, their ultimate goal is to find a cure for the zombie virus. This was a big theme in World Beyond and has been the case in other spinoffs like Fear The Walking Dead. Surprisingly, it is one storyline the main show has mostly avoided, and Rick tying in with the CRM could explore this. The Ones Who Live could offer more advancement on a zombie virus cure and perhaps make the group more twisted by revealing the CRM’s only breakthrough requires some dark twist, adding to their villainous nature.

Custom image of Negan and Maggie from Dead City with Rick Grimes in the center


1 The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Detail Proves It Can Accomplish What Dead City Couldn’t

Despite scarce updates, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live has revealed a new detail that proves it can achieve what the Dead City spinoff couldn’t.

7 New Types Of Zombie Variants

Walker Variants Have Been A Big Part Of The Modern Walking Dead Shows

Since season 11, The Walking Dead has been putting a lot more focus on variants, and it would be great to see this continue in The Ones Who Live. While The Walking Dead‘s zombie variants create plot holes, they do add more drama and intensity to the series. The franchise has already shown smart zombies, strong zombies, and burners in recent years. Fast variants have also been teased, but their true potential has never been highlighted. Adding fast zombies or a completely new variant would add to the jeopardy walkers still pose in the world and could tie in with the CRM’s experiments to make their addition more fitting.

6 A New Threat To The Main Survivors

Major General Beale Could Be A Problem For The Walking Dead’s Survivors

Major General Beale In The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live in uniform and holding a sword

Major General Beale was mentioned in World Beyond, but his inclusion in Rick’s spinoff would up the stakes of the show. The CRM will already be a huge threat to the series’ main survivors, but Beale could make things even scarier. Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Kublek was ruthless in World Beyond, but having Beale be even worse would give the franchise the fresh new villain it needs. Leading so many people means he must hold immense authority and this sort of antagonist could significantly improve the franchise’s future. The Walking Dead needs a big threat going forward and Beale’s introduction in The Ones Who Live would be perfect.

5 The Return Of Jadis

Pollyanna McIntosh Still Has More To Offer As Jadis

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

Jadis may be the most untrustworthy character in The Walking Dead which is why her return would be perfect. She is the one who saved Rick after his near-death experience that wrote him out of the show in season 9. She had already betrayed Rick twice before this and seems to have done so once again. Jadis is also a key villain in The Walking Dead: World Beyond and will likely play a big role in Rick’s spinoff. This is ideal considering her history with Rick, and it creates the possibility of the two continuing their complicated relationship, which could end in Jadis helping Rick escape, or Rick potentially killing her.

4 The Ones Who Lives Tying In With The Other Spinoffs

The Walking Dead Spinoffs After The Main Show Feel Very Disconnected

Daryl Dixon pictured next to Negan in The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon and Dead City

Daryl Dixon and Dead City feel very disconnected from each other and, outside of Carol’s cameo, they feel disconnected from the main show as well. The Ones Who Live could change this. Rick’s spinoff may connect the CRM to Daryl Dixon‘s villains, or perhaps reference Negan being a key figure in Manhattan. Given the CRM’s knowledge, these connections aren’t far-fetched and could begin tying the spinoffs together. It would be encouraging to see these links as it would show the franchise has an idea of its future direction and would make The Ones Who Live even more important to those who watched the other spinoff shows.

3 Learning What Happened To The CRM After The Walking Dead: World Beyond

The CRM Is Weaker At The End Of The World Beyond

The Walking Dead's CRM Civil Republic Military and zombies

The conclusion of World Beyond leaves the CRM weaker than when they were last seen in the show, which makes finding out what happened to them in The Ones Who Live more intriguing. Without some of their key scientists, it is likely their progress on finding a cure has been significantly weakened. This could only make them more ruthless, as they still have a lot of soldiers, and they may be even more desperate. Rick’s spinoff will hopefully offer an insight as to what has happened to the CRM and how the finale of World Beyond affected the group.

2 Finding Out Where Rick Went After He Disappeared

Rick’s Post-Season 9 Walking Dead Future Is Still Unknown

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

After Rick disappeared in season 9, there has been no update about him other than his capture by the CRM. While it can be presumed Jadis took him straight to the group, this is all still unclear. Where Rick was taken after season 9 is a mystery, as is how he has adjusted to life with the CRM. The Walking Dead season 11 finale indicated Rick has tried to escape before, which suggests his life has been a constant struggle to get back home. Finding out more about this in The Ones Who Live would offer a lot of clarity to the protagonist’s story and help understand his motivations in the spinoff.

1 Rick And Michonne’s Reunion

The Inevitable Rick And Michonne Reunion Is The Most Exciting Aspect Of The Ones Who Live

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira’s stellar acting in The Walking Dead makes their inevitable reunion incredibly exciting. The prospect of the two embracing and letting out their emotions after finally seeing each other for the first time in years will be emotional and heartfelt. It is easily one of The Ones Who Live‘s biggest selling points and seems almost certain to happen. That still makes it top of the wishlist when it comes to things the show should include. Rick and Michonne finally reuniting would complete years of storytelling and would set up the next arc in The Walking Dead‘s narrative.

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