10 Inсredibly Feаrless Cһаrасters in Tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd, Rаnked

The brave and the brilliant are scattered throughout AMC’s hit zombie series, The Walking Dead. Fighting a war against the undead and what’s left of humanity is not for the faint of heart, and in The Walking Dead, fortune often favors the bold. Many of the post-apocalyptic show’s characters have fearlessly danced with death, and whether they made it out alive or not, their personas remained burned into the memory of fans.

Surviving with walkers behind every corner requires guts, and not just those splattered outside of clothes as a zombie distraction. In a show filled with fearless characters, these heroic warriors embody the idea of facing the darkness unafraid, both literally and figuratively.

Updated by Ajay Aravind on December 12, 2023: The Walking Dead franchise has two new entries, one surrounding Daryl Dixon while the other covers the evolving relationship between Maggie Rhee and Negan Smith. However, fans are most excited to see Michonne and Rick’s reunion in TWD: The Ones Who Live, which will air its first episode on February 25, 2024. As such, we’ve revamped this article with some more relevant information.

Carl Grimes The Walking Dead
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10 Michonne Is Fierce, Frightening, and Fearless

She Protects Her Allies With Her Exceptional Swordsmanship

TWD's Michonne standing in a room with a determined expression on her face

A swordswoman who is rarely scared, Michonne Hawthorne is not only one of The Walking Dead‘s most fearless characters but also one of the most frightening. Exceptionally skilled as a fighter, Danai Gurira’s iconic survivor has little reason to fear her enemies, as there are very few capable of actually taking her out.

Courage is taking action despite the presence of fear, not in the absence of it. Although Michonne has gained a lot to lose since she showed up as Andrea’s savior in Season 3, she still risks everything when needed. The fact that she’s only grown bolder in her pursuit of protecting her loved ones shows just how daring this warrior can be. All things considered, Michonne isn’t best known for her fearlessness.

9 Shane Wouldn’t Hesitate To Risk His Life for Lori and Carl

Despite His Descent Into Villainy, Shane’s Bravery Remains on Full Display

Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead

Jon Bernthal’s head-rubbing, raging rogue appeared to only have one true fear: losing Lori. Shane put his bravery to this test on multiple occasions, particularly during a run to get medical supplies for Carl, even if he later began treating the kid like his own son.

Shane admittedly loses points for the cowardly murder of Otis, though there’s an argument to be made that Shane was putting his smarts to use rather than highlighting his nervousness. Rick’s best friend never let his intensity slip. His quick thinking and fearless nature are likely why Lori and Carl survived for as long as they did.

8 Morgan Knows He Can’t Die, but He’s Not Afraid To Test His Theory

He Later Goes on To Demonstrate His Courage in Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie james as Morgan killing a walker in The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead Deluxe #77 variant cover.
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Since leaving AMC’s main zombie series, Morgan Jones has proven himself a lionhearted leader in the underrated spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. Even before the stick-wielding warrior made his exit, Lennie James’ character exuded plenty of courage in the original series.

It may stem from Morgan’s internal belief that he simply cannot die, and his delirious descent likely furthered this idea. However, whatever it is that drives Morgan certainly isn’t fear. Perhaps it is because Morgan has already faced and surmounted his greatest fear, the loss of his son Duane.

7 Tyreese Is One of The Walking Dead’s Big Braves

He Dies Before Showing Viewers More of His Courageous Side

Sasha and Tyreese in The Walking Dead

Fueled by rage and grief, Tyreese stormed into a crowd of walkers and seemingly condemned himself to death. And yet, Chad Coleman’s character is one of the most impressive fighters to ever hold a hammer. In fact, he even came out of a near-fatal encounter with little more than a scratch.

An honorable man always willing to help those weaker than himself, Tyreese sadly didn’t last long enough to really show more of his courageous side. That said, from what The Walking Dead fandom got to see of the man, there wasn’t likely much in existence that could have left him shaken. On the other hand, there are a few TWD characters who are notably braver than Tyreese.

6 Rick Grimes Has Both the Heart and the Tenacity of a Lion

He Has Survived Some Of The Most Horrific Encounters Imaginable

Rick Grimes holding a pistol in TWD

The Walking Dead‘s hero has withstood tremendous amounts of punishment and pain over the years. From losing his wife and son to watching his friends murdered before his eyes, the apocalypse hasn’t been especially kind to Rick Grimes.

Since the world came to an untimely end, though, Rick has consistently shown his strength and courage. Whether he’s saving his family or innocent strangers, Rick is the one man who can be counted on to save the day. Even if it means risking it all, the iconic Officer Friendly will always help those who need it.

5 Carol No Longer Has Any Time for Being Afraid

She Has The Greatest Character Arc in The Walking Dead Franchise

CBR logo

Fear The Walking Dead Characters
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Melissa McBride’s sensational survivor has arguably had the greatest character arc within the post-apocalyptic series. Carol started out as a broken victim of abuse, but through terrible losses and spectacular triumphs, she slowly transformed herself into one of the MVPs of The Walking Dead.

Carol’s one-woman rescue mission in Terminus was the first real sign of her aversion to scares. Further, her relentless pursuit of revenge against Alpha, however ill-conceived it may have been, served as indelible proof of her incredible courage and growth. Carol’s fearlessness, unfortunately, came with a sense of apathy attached.

4 Negan Sidesteps Scares While Surviving Against the Odds

He’s Still Trying To Redeem Himself for Brutally Murdering Glenn

Negan saves Judith in a snowstorm

The former leader of the Saviors has no shortage of brave acts in his Walking Dead resume. Negan partially redeemed himself by facing a blistering blizzard to save the young daughter of his greatest enemy. He also walked right into Whisperer territory, perhaps the most terrifying of any camp within AMC’s undead adventure.

Walking among the dead is no easy feat, but tangling with Beta and refusing to flinch may be the greatest example of Negan’s fearlessness. And thanks to the Season 10 finale, fans even got to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character show off his courage long before he became a bat-swinging baddie. Fans who watched his introduction were both shocked and pleased to view Negan’s courageous transformation.

3 Merle Was Undoubtedly a Valiant Villain in the End

He Eventually Sacrificed His Life To Keep His Brother Daryl Safe

Merle handcuffed to a pipe on the roof in The Walking Dead

Merle’s bravery quite likely overshadowed his brains and may have been overshadowed by his less-than-noble deeds. But even with that in mind, there’s no taking away from big brother Dixon and the heroic way in which he went out against the Governor.

Michael Rooker’s rough redneck essentially sacrificed himself to keep his baby brother Daryl safe. Unafraid even against a foe as fearsome as the Governor, Merle’s final actions saw him leave The Walking Dead as a hero. This act would make him one of the most valiant characters to ever grace the show.

2 Daryl Dixon Fears Nothing If It Gets In the Way of Protecting His People

He Remains Just as Plucky and Courageous in His Titular Spinoff Series

Daryl looks slightly downward in The Walking Dead
TWD: The Ones Who Live
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Throughout the first ten and a half seasons of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus’ crossbow king has never once hesitated to put his own life at risk to save his friends. The little Dixon brother has even put his neck on the line to save strangers, a mistake that at times proved costly for Daryl.

Whether he’s venturing deep into collapsing caves to rescue his BFF Carol Peletier or boldly wading through packs of walkers with little more than his trusty blades, Daryl Dixon is one of the show’s unflinchingly fearless fighters. He remains just as plucky in his titular spin-off, further cementing the depths of his fearlessness.

1 Neither War nor Walkers Scare Sergeant Abraham Ford

His Last Words Truly Sum Him Up as The Walking Dead’s Most Fearless Character

Abraham Ford played by Michael Cudlitz in The Walking Dead

Fans would naturally expect a war veteran to possess some serious intestinal fortitude. And yet, Sgt. Abraham Ford’s bravery was off the scale during his time as the trash-talking military man in Rick’s group. Abraham stared death in the face a number of times and still had nerves of steel.

In his last moments, the former soldier uttered a final line that truly summed him up as a courageous character. Defiant with his last breath, few people could imagine any survivor remaining so bold while being so brutally murdered. After watching his encounter with Negan, there’s no doubt that Abraham is the bravest character in The Walking Dead.

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