10 Bold Prediсtions For Feаr Tһe Wаlkinɡ Deаd’s Two-Pаrt Series Finаle

10 Bold Predictions For Fear The Walking Dead's Two-Part Series Finale


  • Fear The Walking Dead’s final episodes promise a satisfying conclusion without setting up future spinoffs like other TWD shows.
  • The reunion of the FTWD cast in Alexandria could offer a positive and peaceful ending for the characters.
  • Expect Alicia’s return, her survival hinted at by a clue, to provide closure to Madison’s storyline and possibly prevent her from killing Troy.

This article contains spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead season 8, episode 10.With only the two-part finale left in the Fear The Walking Dead series, some predictions are worth unpacking before all unanswered questions are hopefully addressed. After eight seasons with some of the remaining characters and a few “resurrected” favorites like Madison and Troy, the end is in sight. Fear‘s run is the second longest in the Walking Dead franchise, following the parent show. This undoubtedly leaves a need to conclude it in a satisfying way that leaves no loose ends.

It looks like Fear The Walking Dead‘s promise avoids the ending mistake 4 other TWD shows have made, namely using the finale as a door to future spinoffs. With a “complete end” anticipated, Fear will most likely have a few big twists or losses in its two-part end. This will either cement certain characters’ stories as complete or suggest potential futures for them without triggering a need to show these. Despite any critique about the show’s downfalls, such as plot holes or inadequate on-screen reunions, Fearthe Walking Dead can potentially offer a nail-biting conclusion after eight years of storytelling.

10 The Fear The Walking Dead Cast Join Alexandria

Alexandria can reunite the FTWD cast

fear the walking dead morgan alexandria

Since Morgan’s exit in season 8, episode 6 to return to Alexandria in search of Rick, there’s potential for his friends to seek a new home after the final conflict with Troy concludes. This could be due to damage to PADRE or needing a fresh start. Additionally, it could be a way to connect the shows again without requiring any follow-up from the creators.

For the latter reason, it can also echo Morgan’s realization to Eastman that life being precious is about how one spends time with the people they have left. Out of the possible endings, this is one of the more positive ones as it reunites the Fear characters peacefully. Plus, this leaves an opportunity for cameos in other spinoffs, such as The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

9 Victor Strand Returns To Being A Villain

With the right circumstances, Strand could be a villain again

Victor Strand looking serious in Fear the Walking Dead season 8

Since Fear The Walking Dead has teased the return of its best villain in season 8, namely Strand, the two-part finale may lean into this more if he is given fitting motivation. So far, Strand’s return to villainous tendencies has been driven by an innate belief that what he’s doing is the right thing. For instance, Strand taking Tracy was a means to have leverage over Troy, but it turned into trying to protect her from Madison and the rest of PADRE.

If Strand returns to being a villain, it will most likely be due to similar reasons. If Troy threatens the group honoring Alicia’s legacy, this could trigger a more ruthless reaction out of Strand because his main goal is to preserve what Alicia was fighting for. Since the group knows about Troy and has lost members because of him, it’s plausible for Troy to threaten – if not try to kill – more of them. It could be a way for him to hurt Madison since the group represents her daughter whom she’s trying to avenge.

8 Alycia Debnam-Carey Returns As Alicia Clark

Debnam-Carey’s return as Alicia can give her a satisfying send-off

Alicia left the show at the end of season 7 after fighting off a fever and heading off to help survivors. Troy’s return to Fear the Walking Dead reintroduces Alicia since he claims he killed her and left her as a walker. This is arguably one of the more dissatisfying character arc endings in Fear since Alicia has been a core protagonist from the start. However, there is a Fear The Walking Dead clue that hints Alicia is still alive. With Troy cutting walkers’ arms off to mimic Alicia’s amputation, there’s a possibility that Troy was only trying to hurt Madison emotionally.

Although Debnam-Carey gave her heartfelt farewell to Fear to pursue other projects like Hulu’s Saint X, co-showrunner Ian Goldberg says, “What happened to Alicia is definitely something that we will pay off” (via Decider). Since her supposed death was off-screen, which is a weak end for one of the show’s most important characters, a satisfying payoff could be her return in the finale, even if only briefly. Moreover, should she return, it could help provide closure to Madison’s storyline and even perhaps be a factor that stops Madison from killing Troy, despite the teaser showing him on the ground and her wielding a sledgehammer.

7 Daniel Salazar Kills Troy Otto In Fear The Walking Dead’s Finale

Daniel has said numerously that he wants Troy dead

Daniel Salazar In Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10

Similarly to Madison, Daniel has reason to want revenge against Troy. Daniel blames Troy for his daughter (Ofelia) dying in season 3 after she was bitten during the herd overrunning the Ranch. When Daniel sees Troy again in season 8, episode 7, he says, “Next time, I’m going to make sure you really die.” Then in episode 8, he says, “I’m going to kill you for this.” The latter instance is in reaction to Charlie, someone he viewed as a daughter, dying.

Daniel exhibits a desire to take down Troy personally when he says they can use Tracy to get to Troy. Since he holds such hatred for Troy and blames him for losing two daughters, his motives are clear. Should he come face-to-face with Troy, Daniel wouldn’t give up another opportunity to avenge their deaths unless it puts Luciana (another daughter-like presence in his life) in danger. This leads to another possibility – if Luciana is under threat because of Troy, it could trigger Daniel’s rage. Like in season 2 when Daniel set the compound in Mexico on fire due to his grief, he may kill Troy due to rage-fueled grief.

6 Fear The Walking Dead’s Final Episode Kills Off Madison Clark

Madison’s death would subvert expectations

Madison And Troy In Fear The Walking Dead Series Finale Teaser

Although the Fear The Walking Dead series finale trailer shows one last Madison and Troy clash, Madison killing Troy seems too predictable since the show has been building to this for numerous episodes. Instead, Fear might follow suit with how they handled Charlie’s second exit and have Madison die even after already “dying” once in the show. This would be a way to subvert expectations. While it would be a devastating end to an eight-season-long series, it could be a definitive conclusion to the Clark family arc as a whole, particularly if Alicia is dead. Therefore, Fear could reunite the family, in a way, in the most final manner it can.

5 Victor Strand Sacrifices Himself

Strand’s death could signify his step away from being a villain

Following Strand’s dictatorship in season 7, he experiences on-and-off isolation from the main group and those closest to him. While this comes to a plateau, the character taking Tracy after accepting his identity as Victor Strand restarts the colder attitudes he experiences from the group. He believes he’s doing the right thing, and despite the long history with many characters, Madison and Daniel still leave him stranded without hesitation in episode 10. This indicates he may not have as much support as he once did.

Due to his focus on protecting Tracy and doing what he believes Alicia would do, there’s a good chance that he’ll continue this into the finale. This is even more likely because Madison has gone off on her own despite Strand’s attempts to get her to work with him and the members of Alicia’s legacy group. With Strand and Madison at odds, he could die while trying to protect Tracy or in Madison and Troy’s crossfire. While heartbreaking, it would be a symbol of Strand finding a balance between doing the right thing and being authoritative.

4 Dwight & Sherry Permanently Leave The Fear TWD Group

Dwight and Sherry could seek peace

Dwight and Sherry from Fear the Walking Dead, forehead together in an embrace.

With Dwight and Sherry reconnecting after losing Finch, there may be no reason for them to stay with the PADRE group after the fight with Troy is over. After returning to the Sanctuary and reliving the trauma from their time with Negan and the Saviors, the couple may embark on a new journey to start fresh. This would open an opportunity for them to potentially appear in The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2. If this were to happen, it could give them more closure, in turn assisting with the pursuit of peace and having a tense reunion with Negan.

3 Strand Joins The Group Honoring Alicia

Strand’s goal to carry out Alicia’s mission could mean he joins the group

Strand has said that he wants to rebuild what Alicia was trying to achieve and that he used the medallion he gave her as a way to avoid being a better man. His self-awareness and reflection in season 8 highlight Strand’s desire to be better. Whether it’s because of his obligation to Frank and Klaus and having more to lose in the wake of saying goodbye to Alicia or not, the desire’s there. He mentions “[Alicia’s] body may not be here, but she still is” when introducing the legacy group to Madison. This suggests his belief in their cause to continue Alicia’s mission, so he might go off with them and his husband and son to do the same after the finale.

2 PADRE Gets Destroyed

Troy’s walker army could destroy PADRE’s base

The PADRE island in Fear the Walking Dead

Given the size of the herd seen in the finale’s teaser and the fact that Troy is using walkers as part of his army, PADRE might end in the same fate as the Ranch, especially if Tracy gets back to him before the final showdown. Once Tracy’s back with Troy, it could make any caution he might have had disappear, knowing she’s safe. PADRE getting destroyed could also symbolize how the overall presence and mission of the place throughout its time on the show was always doomed.

1 PADRE Survives Troy, But Gets Attacked By The CRM

Even if PADRE is not destroyed, other threats could arise

Elizabeth with CRM soldiers, a helicopter in the background, from a scene in Walking Dead: World Beyond.

The Civic Republic Military is arguably the most secretive group in The Walking Dead universe. Fear facilitates this further by breezing over the CRM in season 5 without revealing more than their goal to seemingly rebuild civilization. Based on their destruction of communities they view as a threat to their goal of improving society, the CRM might infiltrate PADRE even if it survives Troy’s attack. Given the numbers and resourcefulness of PADRE, it could be viewed as opposition, leading to the CRM’s attack.

Aside from the CRM’s clinical approach to organizing people and facilitating their idea of societal growth, their similarities to how Shrike and Ben ran PADRE could lead to the CRM taking them over to boost their reach. This could cause a deadly battle now that leadership and methods have changed at PADRE. Depending on how this works out, having the Fear the Walking Dead characters come face-to-face with CRM would give the franchise the setup it would need to bring back any of them for a CRM-centric Walking Dead crossover at some point in the future.

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