Worf’s 1 Biɡɡest Stаr Trek Feаr Wаs Overсome By Piсаrd Seаson 3

Worf revealed his biggest fear in this early episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he has overcome it by Star Trek: Picard.

Star Trek TNG Picard Worf Fear Klingon


  • Worf’s biggest fear was depending on others, but he overcomes it as a Starfleet officer on the Enterprise.
  • Throughout his journey in TNG, DS9, and Picard, Worf learns to rely on his crewmates and embrace his Klingon heritage.
  • In Star Trek: Picard season 3, Worf works as a handler for Starfleet Intelligence, proving he has grown as a character while still remaining a Klingon warrior.

Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn) expressed his worst fear in an early episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he has overcome that fear by the time of Star Trek: Picard. Worf was introduced in the premiere episode of TNG with the rest of the cast, but the Klingon did not have much to do for much of TNG season 1. Worf served on the USS Enterprise-D under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), but it was not until the imposing Klingon warrior was promoted to Chief of Security after the tragic death of Lt. Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby), that he began to be more prominently featured.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1, episode 19, “Coming of Age,” Worf converses with the young Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) about his Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Wesley is in the middle of taking the exam, and he is worried about the upcoming psychological portion, which exposes the candidates to their greatest fears. Worf finds Wes in the holodeck and offers him some advice, eventually revealing his own worst fear. Worf says: “It is very difficult for me to depend on anyone for anything. But especially for my life.” Wes correctly points out that Worf has to do this every day on the Enterprise, and Worf responds that he has to work to overcome this fear every day.

Worf Fears Depending On Others – How TNG & DS9 Changed The Klingon

Over the course of Star Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Picard, Worf has had one of the most interesting journeys out of any Star Trek character. Not only has Worf become one of the franchise’s most important and recognizable icons, but the Klingon has also appeared in more episodes than any other character. Early in TNG, Worf expressed that his biggest fear was to depend on others, and he faces that fear every day as a Starfleet officer on the Enterprise.

As a Klingon raised in a human colony by human parents, it makes sense that Worf would see himself as a lone Klingon warrior. Starfleet, however, is a highly collaborative environment that forces Worf to depend on others often.

Worf not only learns to rely more on his crew mates throughout TNG, but he also begins exploring his Klingon heritage. After the conclusion of TNG, Worf is promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander and transfers to Deep Space Nine. As he continues to embrace his Klingon roots, Worf truly comes into his own on DS9. The Klingon strategic operations officer learns to rely more and more on the people around him, even finding a life partner and the love of his life, Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell). Worf still sometimes feels the need to carry his burdens and handle his problems alone, but he has come a long way since the early days of TNG.

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Shows Worf Overcame His Biggest Fear

Worf formed a touching bond with Lt. Commander Raffi Musiker.

The cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Michael Dorn as Worf

Captain Worf made an exciting return in Star Trek: Picard season 3 and reaffirmed he is Star Trek‘s greatest Klingon character. Worf works with Starfleet Intelligence, acting as a handler for field agents. As Commander Raffi Musiker (Michelle Hurd) searches for information about a weapon stolen from Daystrom Institute, she receives orders from a mysterious handler. When Raffi gets into trouble in Picard season 3, episode 5, “Imposters,” Worf swoops in to save her, revealing himself to be her handler. In this position, Worf not only has to rely on the Starfleet Intelligence officers around him, such as Commander Ro Laren (Michelle Forbes), but also on his field agents.

After Worf reunites with his old USS Enterprise-D crew, he helps them stop the Changeling/Borg plot to destroy the Federation. Worf accompanies Admiral Picard and Captain William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) onto the invading Borg cube to rescue Picard’s son, Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers), fighting alongside Riker the entire time. Although Worf is more than capable of taking care of himself, he works better as part of a team than he ever has before. The Worf of Star Trek: Picard remains the same Klingon warrior he has always been, but he has grown tremendously as a character since the early days of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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